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I heard from some immigrants in Shanghai that a baseball team was playing in the city, so I searched Google to see if I could find information about the team. I found a lot of stuff online about the Shanghai Eagles spring trip to the US to compete with small college teams. The game packs, published by news people in several US schools including the Eagles, describe a team that has a good but slightly hurting performance. As can happen with such team chemistry, the Shanghai team lost all seven shows in the US.

I did not expect much when I went to watch the team game

, but I was happy to actually see the football stadium again, I have been in China for a while and I want to experience the baseball community here. My movie friend was looking for information on where and at what time the Shanghai eagles were playing, so I took my wife to the baseball stadium on Friday afternoon.

In the old game with the ball,

No peanuts, no Cracker-Jacks, no hot dogs, no drinks, and a lot of spectators. There was a mascot dressed in a chicken coop, and although we had to be outside some of the houses to see it, it was surprisingly beautiful outside. At the beginning of the game, a total of probably fifty people took part. In the course of the games, people come and go. I feel that many here are obviously baseball fans with constipation, the kind you would expect to play undefeated in MLB Park. When I was recently heard as one of the only white guys involved, I was approached by Dan Washburn, a news consultant who writes the story of Baseball America.

During an interview with him,

He told me that he had met Chinese elders at one of the games he played. He mentioned that when they asked who brought them to the event, they told him that they were playing football at a very young age because they were forced to leave the game when Mao Zedong left the United States. During the Cultural Revolution. As for the stormy group of college-age enthusiasts, I was told that a group of them had gone to a local soccer college and were preparing to become a professional later. (In China, many young people who specialize in 해외축구중계 have a special interest in it, especially to help them grow. One of the boys. I learned English, and then the two boys asked me to use a well-made ball, which one of the boys brought to the game.

The fishing grounds were in the same grass area outside the stadium where the fitness teams warmed their rods. I used the world to feel how great a professional salesman in China is. Which I see is perhaps from the 70s to the 80s. I watched you throw balls at good moves and conversions as well. His management is similar to mediocre and good college pitcher.

The particular game we watched went into extra innings as the Eagles lost a significant advantage at the end of the game. Confused by people trying to practice English during the tenth and eleventh rounds, I noticed a strange change of baseball only when the Kannada played for the twelfth time. Perhaps because the game ended as soon as possible, they allowed both teams to start extra innings with the runner up in the second set. One problem I’ve seen with this approach is that it has made the game boring, as the apparent nervousness of both sides in the shot has turned the extra innings into but-fest. Finally, Tianjin took up and won 9: 5 in 12 innings.

During the game,

I met some college basketball players who were interested in baseball when they came to college. They did not go to a select baseball college, so their training in basketball was extracurricular. They invited me to play with them, I participated in some of their activities and fights.

On Thursday afternoon in May,

I followed the instructions given to me to meet with a group at Shanghai Teachers’ University on Guilin Road. The place where the team trained is not really a baseball field. It is a general purpose field used primarily for football and running exercises. I quickly realized that due to space constraints in Shanghai, as in most parts of China, the use of areas needed to be doubled. It was a smile for me to see him prepare for the fight. Areas that should fill the right and center space are crowded, with some of our people playing these positions, and players who are not interested in what we are doing, especially because of them


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