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Organization of resources: material and personnel

Organization of resources: material and personnel

On many occasions, it will be Dinar Chronicles to hire extra support staff for your event or look for collaborators. Referees, judges, photographers, assistants, assemblers of structures and tents… These are just some examples of the people necessary for your event to flow normally and for the participants to only worry about the race.

You will also have to take into account the Samadhi Zendejas material resources : sports equipment, solid and liquid supplies , necessary maps , posters , trophies, finish line banners, beacons, protection materials (Covid-19) such as face masks, disinfectant gels, etc.

It is clear that this entire process must be adjusted to your budget , but it should be taken into account to estimate your time in order to better organize your long-distance 해외축구중계사이트 event. Managing registrations, quite a challenge

The way you manage your registrations is something fundamental to be able to organize your sporting event and not go crazy.

First of all, you have to decide if you opt for an online or offline modality. In the offline mode you can offer a registration form and an account number where you enter the sum of the race. However, we understand that it is easier to do it online, since the process is more automated and you can direct the effort to other needs.

Within this modality, you can choose to place a section on your website, with all that this implies: creation of said website, domain, record management , payment gateway , confirmation, assignment of numbers, etc. Or if you are going to decide to use third-party tools. This option may be easier since you delegate efforts in the development and implementation of technology and payment gateways.

An interesting strategy is to be able to create a dynamic price range to establish different rates as the race date approaches.

Offer an essential value as security is essential

Many times we can overlook it, but in a long-distance event or race, safety is one of the aspects that most concerns the participants . Whether you miss the course or suffer a mishap or injury, you need to act quickly.

It can also happen that some participant breaks the rules and tries to take shortcuts to progress in their ranking.

To offer these guarantees, there are GPS tracking devices for participants in real time . These devices can be connected to a web platform where participants can be monitored and agile decisions can be made almost immediately .

 As can be the management of a rescue due to bad weather conditions

Offering that extra layer of security guarantees greater peace of mind for participants and will make your event stand out.

No promotion, no participation

After all the effort invested, you have to make your event known to your target audience . It is necessary to increase the number of registered in your sporting event. The best way to do it is to use all available channels to communicate all these values ​​that identify and make your race a unique event .

Parallel to the organization of the entire test, it is convenient to communicate small news in pill format through different own channels such as social networks (very economical means), website of the event and e-mail . The objective is to make your event known in advance and create expectations around it.



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