Home Lifestyle Opting for non-veg food when you are travelling by Indian railways

Opting for non-veg food when you are travelling by Indian railways

Opting for non-veg food when you are travelling by Indian railways

For most travelers traveling by Indian railways marks the occasion of something special. The mesmerizing view that you see through the videos, constant interaction with your co-passengers and the thrill of watching new places are some of the major attractions once you travel by Indian railways. But all these pleasant memories come to a standstill once you compare the food that is provided by the Indian railways, as it stands out to be a big zero. The Indian railways have gone on to take note of this matter and of late all efforts have been put in order to improve the quality of food that is dished out by the Indian railways. In fact, the own e catering department of Indian railways is a step in this direction. Be it veg or non -veg food the quality of food that is provided by Indian railways stands to topple the list.

To order food from train there are a host of reasons as follows

  • There is a wide array of cuisines that you can lay your hands on. The Indian railways travel from the length to the breadth of the country as this is a fair reflection of the cuisine that is dished out. Be it non-veg or fast food you have a wide variety of dishes that you can choose from
  • The food that is delivered from the Indian railways is prompt from a delivery point of view and even health-conscious mechanism to prepare food. The unsafe practices that are incorporated from the old vendors are completely eradicated with the patented system of food delivery
  • It is possible to place an order via phone or even by the official website of the Indian railways. Of late it is even become possible to place an order via a phone app. You can pay it by debit or credit, even though the cash on delivery option is also available. Suppose you are planning to book your meal by their website, it would automatically take you to the official page of the Indian railways
  • With regards to non-veg food special attention is paid. Only special restaurants are part of the set up that provides hygiene food and are famous in the way they wash the meat. Even before listing a restaurant on their website, a detailed inquiry is conducted about the restaurant. The reviews and feedback of the restaurant help to determine whether it should be listed on their website. Their motto is to ensure that the customers always have a safe meal.

The real problem lies in the manner by which food is prepared and served to us in Indian railways. Since most of us have fallen ill at some point when we consume such food, a general piece of advice is not to order food. With the Indian Railways, there is no need to worry as food is prepared by following certain protocols. Not only meals snacks along with beverages are also served out by them.


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