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No. 1 Web Development Company in Vancouver web design companies

No. 1 Web Development Company in Vancouver web design companies

The mobile web is growing explosively. Standing No 1 in Vancouver web design companies we create responsive and adaptive websites with the best possible experience for visitors who use mobile phones and tablets.


To create a successful web production, we must understand your business, your business strategy and your communication needs. Together we define the goal of the project.

Project planning

Based on the goal, we create a schedule and plan the project.


Based on your graphic profile, we concretize the goal.


In the production phase, we create all the parts that the finished production covers.


At launch, web production is installed, tested and commissioned. If necessary, a basic training in the operation of the website is carried out.


We further develop the website and follow up the outcome in comparison with the goal together with the customer. We take activities in consultation with the customer to ensure that the goal is met.


We have everything you need to create a digital business and let it grow.

Our ambition is for our services to result in a cost-effective solution with maximum operational benefit for the customer. We intend to be a leading service partner around free software, to provide a qualified range of services and to deliver the services with the best quality and competence.

Tailored Design

Being the no 1 in Vancouver web design companies we create tailor-made complete solutions with responsive design and easy-to-use publishing tools for your presence on the Internet. We offer you a place on the Internet, with color, shape and content, and we make sure that it affects your cash flow.

Responsive Design

With responsive web design, the layout changes depending on the visitor’s screen resolution. The pages adapt automatically depending on whether you surf with your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

UI / UX Design

The single most important factor for the success of a web production is the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). UX Design also includes methods for cost-effectively implementing projects with a focus on one’s own business goals.


Selling with the help of an online store is not complicated. Our e-commerce productions contain all the functions you need, and you can grow as the business expands.

Website as a Service

If you choose Web design Vancouver, you do not need to install or update the software yourself. Being the best in Vancouver web design companies web design Vancouver is responsible for the operation of the customer’s website, just like the operation of the web host.

Development of Apps

We develop iOS and Android apps for very different needs. We offer everything from concept development to design, implementation and launch.

Web design from start to finish

A web design project does not start with building the website and at the same time improvising on the road as e.g. design, which pages and functions it should be. A professional web design assignment begins with planning with a web agency. You write down the target group, what you want to achieve with the website, functions and other important information. With this you get a really good overview and can then develop strategy, design and build the website.

When we get a new project then we want to know everything about the website and the customer’s plans. Therefore, we always start by booking a web design meeting in Stockholm where we sit down and go through everything together.

After this, our team can sit down together to design the strategy, design, prototype of the website. Once the customer feels satisfied with the design, we start with the development of the website, which we then test before it goes LIVE online.

Web design is not only about creating but also about planning and getting as good an overview as possible

Such a good overview and planning in web design is very important

Responsive design / mobile-adapted website

Technology is constantly advancing and people are using mobile phones and tablets more than ever. Not only that, but already in November 2016, surfing with tablets and mobile computers exceeded.

If you prefer not to rebuild the entire website but only need help with responsive design, ie to adapt the website to mobile then we can help you with that as well.

Contact us now with a quote request and more details so we can look at your website and come back with a quote.

If something is missing on your website – Get free improvement suggestions from us

It can be difficult to judge your own website and it is always great to have someone look at the website who works professionally with web design. Someone from our digital agency in Stockholm will be happy to take a look at your website and give you free suggestions for improvement. Contact us today and we will return with more information on what you should improve.

Please note that it can take up to 3 working days sometimes until we return with an improvement proposal

Search engine friendly website

Today when you want to search for a product or service, we usually search online. Most people use Google but there are many more search engines. Just Google e.g. check out how your website is structured, how it works and what it’s about. If you want to rank better and have a higher chance of being seen on Google, you should make your website search engine friendly and then search engine optimize it. Make a quote request today for your new company’s website in WordPress and get a quote back from us.


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