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11 Most Expensive Shoes In The World Which Can Stupefy You!

11 Most Expensive Shoes In The World Which Can Stupefy You!

Everyone, at some or other time must have wondered about the most expensive shoes in the world. Don’t worry we got you. We brought you the pool of brands which sell the shoes worth the fortune. Shoes are just not a necessity now. It has escalated to the fashion symbol. A conduit to show creativity and for the uber rich these shoes have become the status symbol. Finding the right pair of shoes has always remained an arduous task. But keeping in mind the shoes like such can give you a run for your money

We curated the list of the most expensive shoes in the world for you which will make your jaws drop.

  1. Louis vuitton Manhattan Richelieu

This brand has become a common household name, thanks to popular culture where it is depicted as the brand of uber rich. But as common as the name is, the affordability of shoes from this brand can burn holes in your pocket. The Louis Vuitton Manhattan Richelieu men’s shoes is its most expensive product. What makes these shoes stand out is the craftsmanship which is involved in the making of this shoe. This product carries with it the tinge of vintage style and with that the stitching pattern is way too complex with motifs of perforation which makes the $10000 for this product worth it.

  1. AIR Mag of Nike

Take a seat before we reveal to you the price of this one $ 26,000!! Yes you heard it right this one surpassed even the previous one.

Are you someone who loves sci fiction? And would love to see in your lifestyle then this is your go to sneaker shoes. The concept of these shoes was taken from a movie back to the future where it was shown that laces get tied automatically with light. Nike managed to create this idea after 30 years of the movie. The sneakers are battery powered and all that shown in the movie has become a reality. Nike released only 100 of these shoes which has made these shoes quite rare.

  1. Men’s dress shoes by Testoni

With italian craftsmanship and highly water resistant these shoes by testoni has made these light weighted shoes a good and luxurious grab for uber rich people out there. At the whooping price of $30000.

  1. The Birkenstock sandals by Hermes

The one luxurious brand which is worldwide famous for its utmost comfortable sole and fit. People who suffer from ill fit and design of their shoes go for these highly expensive shoes. The design of the shoes have been meticulously prepared by the brand.

  1. Nike So Cal Airforce 1

These are one of those shoes which has been a dream of many guys around the globe is nike so cal airforce 1. These shoes are made up of genuine leather and with the touch of neon on its laces. The durability of these shoes have been increased by the company which makes these shoes worth $50,000.

  1. The silver Air Jordans by Nike

If you think of yourself to a Michael Jordan fan then these are the shoes you must grab. These shoes have been signed by Michael jordan. The silver detailing on these shoes are beautiful, and at this range these shoes are very comfortable. Over the years this line of shoes have managed to become synonymous with the Nike brand. This costs $60,000. So go ahead and satiate your love for basketball and admiration for these terrific shoes.

  1. Diamond dream stilettos by Stuart Weitzman.

One of the beautiful and terrific designs created by the world renowned designer Stuart Weitzman is one of the most expensive shoes in the world and why not. It cost $400,000. With the 1500 diamonds carefully pasted on them. Each diamond is 30 karat.

  1. Manolo Blahnik

One of the most luxurious brands for the shoes in the fashion industry is manolo blahnik. It found its way in pop culture when Carrie Bradshaw had a thing for her manolos in sex and the city. The best design of the Manolo Blahnik is an appliqued lizard.

  1. Christian louboutin shoes.

Christian Louboutin is one of the luxurious brands of our times and it is famous for its red soles which have come to be identified with the luxuries and celebrities. It’s shoes cost good fortune.

  1. Jimmy Choo.

Who has not heard of this brand the jimmy choo. Often heard its references in songs and pop culture, yes this is the same brand which is expensive but gives fine finishing and great designs for people who crave for the luxuries.

  1. High heels by Debbie Wingham

If you still think that the above mentioned can not satiate your hunger for luxury then wait we have one for you. One which costs 15 million dollars. Yes, that’s right. Gold plated colors. Body of platinum and pure leather with diamonds and rubies and rare gemstones. This deserves to be kept at number one on the list of most expensive shoes.


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