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Micro Electro Mechanical System and Its Packaging

Micro Electro Mechanical System and Its Packaging

MEMS (Micro Electromechanical System) has developed and marketed products using MEMS devices, such as micro gears, electrostatic micro motors, inkjet printing, inertial sensors, and projects by DMD (Digital Micro-Mirror Device). It is in the situation that it is becoming. In addition, the technology for commercialization of high-frequency MEMS portable information devices is hastily settled. Packaging technology, which is the biggest obstacle to the establishment of MEMS technology, is emerging as the most important national task that needs to be resolved urgently.

For MEMS package technology

An exclusive structure and process are being developed for each device, but the task of establishing standardization technology for cost reduction is most important. In particular, in order to realize the MEMS sealed junction structure, it is urgent to develop element technologies such as through-electrode forming technology, micro spring forming technology, and low-temperature bonding process regardless of the type of material.

 In order to reduce the cost of the package process

There is the development of a general-purpose circuit board-level sealing bonding technology and the application of the general-purpose LSI package process. In particular, in order to establish a standard manufacturing technology in which the structure and wiring structure for sealing bonding are integrated, the reduction of the mounting cost is an absolute technology development task. In addition, the technology for forming a fused microsystem by applying MEMS to a mounting process such as LSI must be established.

The micro-cell method by batch process is advantageous because the focus of MEMS sealing technology is low cost and at the level of general-purpose circuit boards. However, since this method cannot be basically used for devices applied to high-temperature film deposition processes and sacrificial layer etching processes, it is necessary to develop a dedicated process for each device.


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