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Method to give massage

Method to give massage

You can also use the index fingers to massage the shoulders. Place one index finger on each shoulder and apply pressure in gentle back and forth motions to relax the muscles.

Massage the back

Go down from the shoulders to the par vertebral muscles, massaging deeply along the way. When you get to the lower back, knead the stiffer muscles with your hands, insisting with your thumbs. People who spend hours standing or sitting often experience pain in this area, so you may want to spend extra time massaging your lower back. Remember not to put pressure on the spine and other bones in the back. Focus on the par vertebral muscles.

Get a deeper 출장마사지 by kneeling next to the other person and placing the heel of your hand on the muscles of the lower back, on the opposite side, with the fingers pointing away from the body. Place the other hand on top of the first and support yourself by exerting pressure on the muscles. Knead the muscle in this way for a few minutes; then switch sides.

Massage the arms and legs

Use both hands to encircle the arm. Go down, kneading the muscles with your palms and fingers as you go, ending at your wrists. Repeat the operation with the other arm. Then massage the legs, starting with the thighs and ending with the ankles.

Massage the hands and feet

Place the person you are massaging on their back. Knead your hands with your thumb and forefinger, paying attention to the muscles in your palms and each of your fingers. Do the same with your feet, making sure not to press too hard on the bones.

Apply firm but gentle taps on the feet

Try not to tickle, as this could upset his state of relaxation.

Flex your hands and feet back and forth as you massage them to stretch the muscles.

End the session with the face and the head. Kneel behind the person you are massaging and use your fingers to gently press on their temples in small circles.



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