Home Education Medical School Admission When You Have A Low GPA

Medical School Admission When You Have A Low GPA

Medical School Admission When You Have A Low GPA

When it comes to medical school admission, it is rare that two schools have the same criteria. Some applicants successfully make it to a medical school despite having a low GPA. However, many applicants with the same GPA are left disappointed. It is because GPA is one of the important factors medical schools consider. They also consider your medical school personal statement, extracurricular activities, work as a volunteer, shadowing, clinical experience and more. You can speak to a medical school application consultant to learn more about the medical school admission process. In this article, we will stick to GPA only.

To learn more about your academic performance, the admission committee also pays attention to the grading trends. If you have an upward GPA trend then this is good for you. This shows that there was something holding you back and you successfully overcame. You are in a better position. On the other hand, you have a good GPA but it shows a downward trend. It is a red flag. 

You can take the following steps to get into a medical school despite having a low GPA:   

Why do you have a low GPA?  

First of all, understand why you have a low GPA. This tells you where you need to improve. You can make your medical school application more attractive as now you can address your low GPA issue. You could do better. Figure what went wrong. 

Maybe you were not passionate about the subjects that you were studying. Then you realized that medicine is the right profession for you. There can be other reasons behind your low GPA such as family problems or a major illness. You had some work commitments that caused time management issues. Identify the cause of your low GPA score. This cause is a piece of information that can help you proceed. 

Address the problem 

Now you know why you have a low GPA. It is time to make up for it. You know that you can do something in a medical school. Show that your low GPA is not a true reflection of what you are capable of doing. You can improve your GPA by retaking classes. Focus on subjects with low scores. Turn your Ds into As. Make sure that your GPA shows an upward trend. Show that you are ready to take initiatives for self-improvement. Also, work on MCAT. 

MCAT shows that you can handle the academic load in a medical school. Prepare well for the MCAT. You can take this test more than once to improve your score. The medical school admission committee will consider all the attempts. 

Be ready to explain

You need to explain why you have a low GPA. Prepare to explain this both in the application and interview. If you don’t know how, let a medical school admission consultant help you.

Consider DO School 

You can consider a DO school if you have a low GPA. You simply need to show an upward trend. Keep in mind that you need to work hard to become a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

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