Home News Market research, trends, opportunities and forecasts for broadcasting equipment

Market research, trends, opportunities and forecasts for broadcasting equipment

Market research, trends, opportunities and forecasts for broadcasting equipment

The broadcasting equipment market is driven by the proliferation of HD programming combined with the new transition from analog to digital. With the advent of broadcast automation and the increase in the number of digital channels, the global broadcasting equipment market has grown steadily over the last five years. In 2015-20, the broadcasting equipment market is expected to grow at a faster pace due to the need for multi-screen content and the growing demand for streaming high-resolution music concerts and sporting events. In addition, rental companies increase the number of sets as the demand for different types of equipment increases in the broadcasting of various sporting events.

The sports broadcasting rental market is another important source of revenue for the broadcasting equipment market. More and more cricket leagues around the world are changing the broadcasting equipment rental market. In addition, the growing need for precision in decision-making systems is another factor driving the need to incorporate high-tech cameras into most sports.

According to Azoth Analytics research reports,

“Global broadcasting equipment market: trends, opportunities, forecasts (2016-2021) – (by value, by device-server type, encoder, switch, room, device type by region, ” epl중계 rental equipment broadcast market; key players; strategies, recommendations)„ 2016 2021 is expected to show a CAGR of ~ 7.00%.

In 2015, broadcast servers accounted for about 25.40% of the total market due to the convincing role that servers play during the broadcast process, from the first mixers and audio workstations to 3D rendering farms. Top companies operating in the global broadcasting equipment market include Harmonic, Imagine Communications, Sony Corporation and Belden Inc.

The scope of the report

„Global broadcasting equipment markets: trends, opportunities, forecasts (2016-2021) – (values, types of equipment-servers, encoders, switches, cameras, types of regional equipment, sports broadcasting equipment rental markets, key players strategies, recommendations) ”, analyzes the following aspects of the global broadcasting equipment market:

The size and forecast of the global broadcasting equipment market

By device type (server, transmission, encoder, switch, camera)

Analysis of the sports broadcasting rental market

Sports broadcasting rental market

Markets, drivers, challenges, trends

Limited report customization available at no extra cost

Research method

Past market trends are revealed by several paid databases further triangulated with information and insights from industry experts, companies and stakeholders through primary surveys (including marketing managers, farmers and equipment rental companies). The calculation behind the market quotation envelope is done by understanding the market and the future business strategies of the companies conducting business on the market.

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