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Latest in epilepsy treatment

Latest in epilepsy treatment

Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder.  The brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of unusual behaviour, sensations and sometimes loss of awareness. This blog will help you learn more about epilepsy symptoms and causes, what are the recent discoveries in treating this neurological disorder, the best neurologist, the best Neurologists in India and the best neurosurgeon to seek a second opinion in case of persistent difficulties.

  • Around 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy
  • Anyone can develop epilepsy. It occurs across all races, ethnic backgrounds and ages.
  • Epilepsy affects both males and females

Epilepsy treatment generally involves medications or sometimes surgery.

Epilepsy symptoms

Seizures can affect any part of your brain coordinates. Most common epilepsy symptoms include:

  • Temporary confusion
  • A staring spell
  • Stiff muscles
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements of the arms and legs
  • Loss of consciousness or awareness
  • Psychological symptoms such as fear, anxiety or deja vu

Recent advancements inEpilepsy treatment

  • In a healthy brain, the activity triggered by excitatory neurons is counterbalanced by inhibitory neurons. This balance is absolutely important for everything that we do. It is when that balance is tilted so that excitatory neurons are super active, problems like epilepsy usually arise. In an article published on 19 May 2021, researchers from Case Western Reserve University led by Lin Mei, professor and chair of the Department of Neurosciences discovered a new chemical reaction that could help control epileptic seizures. Neddylation plays a critical role in the sodium channel which helps in neuron-activity balance could help control epilepsy. Studies also suggest that this reaction pathway could further be targeted for cancer research as well.
  • Catamenial epilepsy (CE) is exacerbated by hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle. Neurology Advisor reported that through tailored treatment it is possible to control catamenial epilepsy. The first stage monitors anti-epileptic medication followed by the second stage involves optimizing the catamenial nature of seizures, based on the patient’s fertility desires, menstrual concerns, and underlying medical conditions that may preclude the use of estrogen-containing hormonal contraception.
  • In another report by Neurology Advisor, studies conducted prove that Epilepsy surgery carried out in infants before 3 months of age is associated with excellent seizure control. However, the prerequisites to be taken care of include excellent surgical technique, anaesthesia, and intensive care treatment are all prerequisites for achieving good results, and only centres with experience in complex surgeries in very young infants.
  • On 21 April 2021, Professor Bin He’s team at Carnegie Mellon University, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, has discovered that fast oscillations in scalp-recorded electroencephalography can pinpoint brain tissues responsible for epileptic seizures.
  • A team of researchers from the Florida State University College of Medicine has found that an amino acid D-serine produced by the brain could play a crucial role in preventing epileptic seizures of the temporal lobe, thereby also preventing the death of neural cells that accompanies them. The report was published in October 2020.

Are you experiencing seizures even after being under treatment? It is wise to not delay asking for a medical second opinion within three months. If seizures have not been brought under control after 9 to 12 months, then you should ask for a referral to a specialized epilepsy centre. Consulting with the best neurologists can help you optimize your treatment, manage symptoms and enable a speedy recovery thus preventing uncontrolled or prolonged seizures altogether. SeekMed offers you easy access to the best Neurologists in Delhi having 25+ years of experience. Make an informed decision with restored confidence supported by the clinical expertise of the best neurosurgeon.


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