Home Technology Knowing What The Lights On The Airpods’ Case Mean

Knowing What The Lights On The Airpods’ Case Mean

Knowing What The Lights On The Airpods’ Case Mean

Let’s just suppose that you have recently bought yourself Airpods, now you’ll be sitting and wondering that the light indicators are trying to tell you, right? You might see amber light flashing and inside your mind you’d be thinking “Why are my Airpods Flashing Orange?” when I’ve just bought them a few days ago.

Don’t worry at all. The lights you see on your charging case are actually indicators. Each light status tells a different story. So, don’t worry when you see, green, amber, blue, or a white light. We’ll tell you what each of the light mean and how to deal with it.

What Does The Light Indicator Mean?

Although there is just a single light in the airpods, but it can change the color. Each light color means something different. Below we’ve listed some of the most common ones.

· Flashing White Light

If you are seeing white flashing light, this means that the airpods are currently in pairing more. This usually happens when you’ve pressed and held the pairing button at the back of the case for a long period.

· Amber Light

If you’re seeing amber light while the airpods are inside the charging case, this means that are airpods were not fully charged but now the case has started to charge them. Do not take them out until the amber light turns green.

Whereas, if the airpods are not inside the case and still you’re seeing the amber light, this implies that the case has less than one full charge left in the case. Now is the time you need to charge the case.

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· Flashing Amber Light

If you’re seeing flashing orange light, this means that there is something wrong with them. The flashing light indicates that there is an issue with the pairing. You can either reset the network setting or then try to reconnect them. However, if the issue persists, you might need to visit the local workshop who deals with repairing them.

· Green Light

The green light indicates that your airpods are fully charged if they are inside the case. If the airpods are out of the box, this means that are charging case is 100% charged. And if the charging case is plugged with a power source and you’re seeing the green light, this implies that the airpods and the case is fully charged and you need to remove the charger at once. Do not over charge the case as it might damage the battery life of both.

· No Light

If you are not seeing any kind of light, this could only mean that your case and the airpods have run out of battery and are dead. This is the time you need to charge them and bring them back to life.


It doesn’t matter whether you are using 1st gen airpods or the new AirBuds Pro, all of them come with light indicators. And if you’re seeing flashing amber light, this does not mean that they’re faulty and you need a new pair, there are many ways to fix them yourself. Never jump to the final conclusion so soon!
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