Keep Your Hands & Face Beautifully Protected In This Corona-Time


Current situations are self-evident that nowadays, going outside is exceptionally challenging. Hope you are looking after yourself & your family! But amid this Corona-time, don’t forget to care about your beauty. Keep using hand-sanitizers and face-masks, but show a bit of smartness too.

Currently, sanitizers and face-masks are both coming up as the most potent life-saviour options to avail. You might be wondering about buying lots of sanitizers and masks. And for this, you preferred to come to the best discount offering, but are they even worthy.

Here you forget some of the most important things to consider in your buying list. Ordinary masks and sanitizers can protect you from viruses to some extent, but they aren’t promising. However, you must ensure your beauty, too, because unknowingly you’re spoiling it up, how? Let’s see-

Be mindful- sanitizers kill viruses, but your hands are still in danger.

Are you a cleanliness-obsessed person who from the past few months feels his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) triggered due to the Corona time? Are you frequently cleaning hands with sanitizer daily? If you have a mild OCD problem, it is a do; you are doing it religiously, even hyper-actively.

It sounds good, but in reality, it isn’t. You might be finding it a little convenient, protective, and quick way to get rid of the virus. But it would be best if you always kept a keen eye on some of the most notable points.

Most of the chemical-enriched sanitizers may trigger lots of health-related problems in your life you’re unaware of. Such as- Ordinary masks and sanitizers can protect you from viruses to some extent, but they aren’t promising. However, you must ensure your beauty, too, because unknowingly you’re spoiling it up, how? Let’s see-

Resistance to antibiotics– Most of the time, when you start using an excessive amount of hand sanitizers, your hands start losing their good bacteria. As a result, your hands start struggling with harmful bacteria because chemical enriched sanitizers are resistant to antibiotics, which isn’t a good thing.

Toxic Chemicals– Your hands start turning rough or even lose their beauty. This happens since chemical enriched and alcoholic based hand-sanitizers may trigger skin irritation. At times, the hand’s skin starts to crack or even bleed. Therefore, you must choose a natural one.

Some options you can choose for sanitizers.

Neem and aloe hand wash– Neem contains antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds, whereas aloe-vera is also enriched with antioxidants and antibacterial properties that inhibit harmful bacteria growth.

You should start using neem, and aloe-vera hand wash because it’s much better than standard sanitizer and best if you also want to take special care of your hand’s skin.

Lemon & Mint Hand Wash– You can also opt for a refreshing option, like this lemon and mint hand wash sanitizer, which contains powerful antioxidants that’ll reduce skin damage. On the other hand, the power of mint provides this hand sanitizer strong antibacterial properties.

Both of these hand sanitizers are extremely good since they are made up of natural ingredients, so you don’t need to fear their bad impact on skin. Irrespective of chemical enriched sanitizers, going with something more natural is beyond doubt a great option.

Don’t forget the mask- you’re also using the wrong one.

Don’t just go with hand-made or low-quality masks; they aren’t reliable. Your outdoor mask must be breathable; otherwise, it will make you feel suffocating, and probably you might leave it aside. Here, you’re welcoming the viruses directly.

No wonder you’re going to put yourself into a big problem. Therefore, you can go with cotton or woven fabric made masks, as they beautifully combat harmful viruses.

Some options you can choose- For masks

3 m folded dust mask– If you want to keep the dust and pollutants away from you, then go with this mask. This breathable mask will not make you feel suffocative or uncomfortable.

3-ply disposable mask- So it’s a cheap option you can try. This non-woven face mask doesn’t require re-use. Once you’ve used it, safely throw it into the garbage. The face mask is breathable; this is what you must notice first-hand in your mask.

3-panel mask– This outdoor mask, while enhancing your look, safeguards you very strongly from harmful viruses. The best thing is, it’s made up of 3ply woven fabric, which will ensure triple safety from viruses. Don’t worry; it’s breathable too!

Bottom line is the most reliable platform where you can find a great list of masks and sanitizers at the best rate that will promise your overall safety in the best way with style.


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