Home News Just bought your painting, here are 5 inspiring ways to display it

Just bought your painting, here are 5 inspiring ways to display it

Just bought your painting, here are 5 inspiring ways to display it

Did you just buy a painting? Then you must be looking for ways on how to display it. There are multiple methods available for you to proceed with displaying art. Let’s take a look at the most prominent methods out of them. Regardless of what exactly you bought, you may think about following these steps to display your art. Then you will fall in love with getting the best returns at the end of the day.

Is there a bare wall in your apartment? Do you want to cover that wall with artwork that matches your decor? But how do you make that unique painting, sketch, or print seem like it belongs in your home?

How to discover the best way to display your art.

Personally, I feel that each individual will decorate in a style that suits him or her. What works for one person’s style may not work for another’s. That’s just fine. Each individual has a unique taste, personality, and sense of style. The key is determining which design works best for you and matches who you are, as well as the aesthetic and feel you want to accomplish for your house. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the most inspiring ways on how you can display your art.

Display it along with other original paintings

When you buy a huge original painting, canvas, or metal print, these pieces may occasionally stand alone and be the focal point of the space. Most of these pieces are already stretched over a wood frame (in the case of an original painting on canvas/linen or a canvas print), wired, and ready to hang. You may just pick an artwork that matches your taste and make it the focal point of your home, or you can choose a painting that complements the design that you’ve already produced in the area.

Buy a frame that complements your art

If you decide that you want to acquire drawings or paper prints, you may need to get a frame that complements both the artwork and your living area. And, just so you know, there are inexpensive methods to accomplish this, as well as ways to simply spend a lot of money.

If you want to go the cheap approach, I suggest buying drawings or prints that already come in conventional sizes. This, however, is not always achievable. Many artists make paintings and sketches in non-standard sizes. As a result, when they are scaled down into prints, they may not always fit neatly into a regular size frame.

However, there is a simple method that will enable you to stick to your budget. You may simply have the sketch or print matted to match the usual frame size. If you want to buy a fine art paper print, you may do so by selecting the matte option. Custom framing is a possible alternative if money is not a problem. There are hundreds of various frame types and styles to select from, all of which can be readily customized to match your drawing or painting. You may also use a matte to create separation between the original artwork or painting and the frame.

If you want to frame a stretched original painting, canvas print, or metal print, you may buy a floater frame, which will encompass the sides of the painting or print. These frames are available in my store with the purchase of a canvas or metal print. You may see them by clicking HERE.

Build your own gallery wall

A gallery wall is an excellent method to combine and appreciate all aspects of your personality or hobbies. You may either add a collection of drawings or paintings by the same artist, or you can mix and match. There isn’t a single method on how you can do it. Instead, you can take a look at multiple available methods and pick the best one.

If you want things to be extremely custom and consistent, you may buy identical drawings, prints, or paintings, buy the same frame for all of them, and place them in a symmetrical arrangement.

However, if you’re anything like me, you may utilize a gallery wall to experiment with different styles. I’ve seen interior designers utilize a gallery wall to highlight the work of many artists, combining it with a variety of different sized drawings, fine art giclee reproductions, and original paintings, as well as other sorts of fixtures. And you may have all of them framed in the same type of frame, or you can use this as a chance to mix and match frames.

If it is smaller, you can place it on a bookshelf 

This might be the ideal technique to showcase work in a casual and comfortable manner. With a specific sketch, painting, or fine art print, you may just suggest or highlight the style of a space, or you can use it as a chance to create another kind of gallery wall.

You may do this with bookshelves or by installing floating shelves and displaying your artwork with other valued things (your favorite books, postcards, collectibles, etc.). You may lean these framed artworks against the wall and even pile one frame on top of another to provide depth, as seen in the image below. Alternatively, you might position a framed original artwork or sketch against a framed Mantel Piece. Ann Wisniewski designed the space for HGTV. Of this case, the colors in the artwork might complement the other vivid decorations on the wall.

Display your artwork in pairs

Decorating artwork in pairs might be a lovely approach to make a simple, harmonious gallery wall with only two pieces of art. However, you must ensure that both artworks complement one other and, in the end, have comparable features. This arrangement might be a terrific way to show off two of your favorite pieces by the same artist, or two distinct artists whose work compliments one other beautifully. I strongly advise utilizing the same sort of frames in this type of layout.

Final words

Now you know the different methods available to display your painting. Take a look at these methods and pick the best one out of them to proceed with.


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