Home Lifestyle Jorge Masvidal’s Net Worth: Overview of Purse History and Career Earnings

Jorge Masvidal’s Net Worth: Overview of Purse History and Career Earnings

Jorge Masvidal’s Net Worth: Overview of Purse History and Career Earnings

Jorge Masvidal’s journey in mixed martial arts (MMA), which began in 2003, is a testament to his resilience and skill in the sport. His career has been marked by significant milestones, most notably when he clinched the title of BMF Champion with the UFC, a crowning achievement that highlighted his prowess in the ring.

Masvidal’s list of victories reads like a roll call of MMA’s finest, having triumphed over celebrated fighters such as Joe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone, Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz. His match against Askren was a moment of history, where he delivered the fastest knockout in UFC history in a mere five seconds, catapulting him into the limelight and endearing him to fans beyond the core MMA enthusiasts.

However, every athlete faces trials, and Masvidal is no exception. Currently, he’s navigating through a challenging phase, with a three-fight losing streak looming over him. Yet, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon with his upcoming bout against Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 on April 8. This fight, set in the familiarity of Miami, his home turf, presents an opportunity for Masvidal to reclaim his former glory and reassert himself in the sport.

In the backdrop of his physical battles, there’s an equally fascinating story of Masvidal’s financial journey. The Sporting News delves into how he amassed his wealth and his status among the world’s most influential MMA fighters, painting a picture of a man who’s not just a fighter in the ring, but a formidable presence in the world of MMA.

Jorge Masvidal’s Net Worth: How much does Jorge Masvidal make?

Jorge Masvidal’s financial achievements in the realm of mixed martial arts are as impressive as his physical prowess. According to CelebNetWorth, Masvidal’s net worth stands at an impressive $6 million. This considerable sum is a testament to his success, with approximately $5.5 million of it coming solely from his salary. It’s a figure that not only reflects his skill and dedication inside the ring but also his marketability and appeal in the sport.

When we place Masvidal’s financial status in the context of his peers, it becomes even more noteworthy. For instance, Colby Covington, another prominent figure in the MMA world, has amassed a net worth of $4 million. Similarly, Israel Adesanya, celebrated for his skills and charisma, also holds a net worth of around $4 million. These comparisons underline Masvidal’s financial success in a highly competitive and physically demanding sport, highlighting his unique place among the elite MMA fighters in terms of both athletic achievement and financial accomplishment.

Jorge Masvidal net Worth
Mar 6, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; American MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal attends the game between the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks at Miami-Dade Arena. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge Masvidal’s career earnings

Jorge Masvidal’s financial trajectory in the world of mixed martial arts paints a picture of gradual but substantial growth. According to The Sports Daily, his earnings over the years reflect a remarkable journey, beginning in 2007 when he made about $18,000 for his fight against Matt Lee at the Playboy Mansion for Strikeforce. This initial figure set the stage for his future successes.

Fast forward to his UFC debut in 2013, where Masvidal’s earnings saw a significant jump, netting him $60,000 for his bout against Tim Means. His upward financial trajectory continued, and by 2017, when he faced Donald Cerrone, his earnings had surged to $191,000.

A pivotal moment in Masvidal’s career was his stunning knockout of Ben Askren at UFC 239, which earned him $247,000. This victory not only bolstered his reputation as a formidable fighter but also had a substantial impact on his earnings.

Perhaps one of the most significant milestones in his career was becoming the BMF Champion against Nate Diaz in 2019, where he earned $270,000. However, his matches against Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title marked the zenith of his financial gains, with reported earnings of $530,000 in the first fight and $532,000 in the rematch.

Additionally, per the UFC 272 UFC Promotional Guidelines Compliance payouts reported by MMA Junkie, Masvidal received $21,000. According to Total Sportal, by the end of the event, his cumulative earnings amounted to an impressive $1.5 million. This financial journey not only underscores his growth as a fighter but also highlights the lucrative nature of success in MMA for top-tier athletes like Masvidal.

Jorge Masvidal’s endorsements

Jorge Masvidal’s financial portfolio extends beyond his impressive earnings from fights. He has smartly diversified his income streams, tapping into the lucrative world of endorsements and entrepreneurial ventures. His partnership with well-known brands like Metro PCS and Reebok reflects his marketability and appeal beyond the MMA ring. These endorsement deals are not just financially rewarding but also enhance his visibility and brand value in the wider sports and entertainment industry.

In addition to endorsements, Masvidal has ventured into the business world with his own brand, El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven Mezcal. This endeavor not only showcases his entrepreneurial spirit but also provides him with a steady stream of income outside the octagon. The success of his mezcal brand is a testament to his ability to leverage his fame and personal brand in the competitive spirits market.

Moreover, his involvement in Gamebred Boxing, his fight organization, adds another layer to his business pursuits. Through Gamebred Boxing, Masvidal has engaged with various sponsors, creating a synergy between his sporting excellence and business acumen. This engagement not only contributes to his financial success but also allows him to have a significant impact on the sport by nurturing and promoting boxing talent.

Overall, Masvidal’s endorsement deals and business ventures are a clear indication of his multifaceted approach to building wealth and influence, positioning him as not just a formidable athlete but also a savvy businessman in the world of sports.

Jorge Masvidal’s Social Media influence

Jorge Masvidal’s presence extends far beyond the confines of the MMA ring, making a significant impact in the digital world as well. Known for his outspoken personality, he has cultivated a substantial following on various social media platforms. This digital popularity is not just a reflection of his sporting achievements but also of his ability to connect with and engage a global audience.

On Facebook, Masvidal has captivated over 2 million followers, a testament to his wide appeal and popularity. This platform allows him to share updates, insights, and engage with a diverse audience who follow his career and interests.

Instagram, known for its visual storytelling, sees Masvidal commanding an impressive following of 3 million. Here, his fans get a closer look at his training regimen, behind-the-scenes moments, and personal life, offering a more intimate connection with the fighter.

Twitter, with its 849.9K followers, serves as a platform for Masvidal to share his thoughts, opinions, and interact with fans in a more immediate and conversational manner. This platform underscores his ability to engage with current events and topics of interest in real-time.

Additionally, his YouTube page, with 884K subscribers, offers a unique window into his world. Through this medium, Masvidal shares video content ranging from fight highlights to personal vlogs, providing an in-depth and multifaceted view of his life both inside and outside the ring.

Masvidal’s social media presence is a powerful tool, amplifying his voice and influence far beyond traditional sports media channels. It’s a key component of his brand, allowing him to maintain a direct and ongoing dialogue with his fans worldwide.

Jorge Masvidal charities

Jorge Masvidal’s impact extends beyond his achievements in the ring, showcasing a commendable dedication to social causes. His actions prior to his 2019 fight with Nate Diaz are a testament to his character and commitment to giving back to the community. Masvidal took time to help feed the homeless, an act of kindness that highlights his awareness of and compassion for those in need. This gesture goes beyond the typical image of a fighter, revealing a deeper, more empathetic side to his personality.

In addition to this, Masvidal’s involvement with AfterSchool Allstars of Southern Florida, facilitated through the UFC Foundation, further underscores his commitment to social responsibility. Volunteering with this organization, which focuses on providing comprehensive after-school programs for children, Masvidal contributes positively to the development and support of young individuals in his community.

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