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Is Powerball Real?

Is Powerball Real?

Yes. Powerball is offered in 45 states, in Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and allows foreigners to play and win prizes. It is the most acclaimed lottery in the world, not only for its level of sales, but also for its enormous prizes and total reliability when it comes to delivering them.

Powerball belongs to the Multi-State Lotteries Association (MUSL), an organization formed through an agreement between lotteries in the United States. Its origins date back to 1988, when it was called (Lotto America). Later in 1982, the name was changed to the current one, Powerball.

Its game format consists of choosing 5 main numbers from 1 to 69 and an additional one from 1 to 26. In addition, it offers an optional secondary prize multiplier for players, called “Power Play”. The Jackpot starts at $40 million, and rolls over when there are no winners in the drawings (which take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 22:59 GMT-4 in Florida). If you want, you can see more about Powerball prizes.

Are Powerball Winners Real?

Yes. Powerball delivers each and every one of its prizes to its winners, as long as they match the required numbers and have played legally and with the official tickets. In some states, the winners are announced, while in others, it is possible to remain anonymous. However, they all have something in common: they are real and their prizes always enter. There are 파워볼 사이트 winners of all kinds. Among the most important, the following stand out:

  • Manuel Franco: Spanish-speaker who earned $768 million in 2018.
  • Mavis Wańczyk – Nurse from Massachusetts who earned $758 million in 2017.
  • Gloria McKenzie: Elderly woman who earned 590 million USD at the age of 83, in 2013.

Mauren Smith, Robinson Family and Acosta Family: Shared the record Powerball Jackpot so far: $1.586 million. Each winning ticket received 528 million USD.

Is it safe to play Powerball from Colombia?

If you are in Colombia, and want to play Powerball online, you can do so without any hesitation. To ensure that you participate with the official tickets, all you have to do is access the best online lottery ticket courier service.

Through this platform, you will be able to choose your numbers, pay for your tickets, and officially participate in the Powerball draws, just as if you were in the United States. You only need to create a user account on the portal and, after purchasing your tickets; you will receive them scanned online. This is the most recommended way to participate from Colombia.

This is precisely what Natalia, a Colombian housewife, did. Given the desire to play Powerball, and the difficulty of traveling to the United States, Natalia relied on this way to participate officially, and she received the expected reward from her: she won 50,000 USD! She matched 4 main numbers plus the additional Powerball, corresponding to the third prize. Had she matched all 5 main numbers, she would have won $190 million!

Trust Powerball and make your dream come true!

The security that the Powerball lottery offers in each draw to its millions of players around the world is unmatched. The great prizes available every Wednesday and Saturday, the thrill of matching the numbers and winning, keep players loyal to this lottery for decades. For those who have already won, the experience of participating was worth it. Would you like to try your luck?


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