Home Family Health Is It Dangerous to Visit an Emergency Dentist During the Coronavirus?

Is It Dangerous to Visit an Emergency Dentist During the Coronavirus?

Is It Dangerous to Visit an Emergency Dentist During the Coronavirus?

Unfortunately, some people prefer to postpone their treatment due to the fear of Corona, which can cause serious problems such as infection, recurrence of pain and problems, or even loss of teeth.

The First Step Is to Ensure your Health.

According to a professional dentist at emergency dentistry in Toronto, if you feel tired, lethargic, cough, etc., for which you do not know the reason, it is better not to go to the emergency dentist and postpone it to the time after the tiredness is resolved, and do not endanger your health or the health of those around you.

Be Sure to Make an Appointment in Advance.

Some emergency dental clinics do not follow the proper schedule in making appointments, which causes crowding and delays and increases the risk of transfer. For this reason, choose clinics that have appointments according to the duration of the service.

Compliance with Protective Health Protocols

The office and clinic that you choose must have health protocols in mind, including the use of masks and gloves, shoe covers, clothing covers, and head covers, because this is necessary to maintain the health of the office and clinic environment. You can see Hand disinfection should also be done before entering the office.

The Office or Clinic Should Have a Good Ventilation System

This issue is very important, and it is even better if, in addition to a proper ventilation system, extraoral suction is used to prevent particles from being thrown and scattered during work.

Use Mouthwash Before and After Treatment.

Disinfection of the mouth can also help, and of course, in many treatments, this is part of the routine treatment, such as gum surgery, where experts suggest that an emergency dentist disinfect the mouth with special disinfectants. In new scientific articles on the use of mouthwash Properly before the treatment, it is emphasized that this can reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Generally, clinics observe these cases, and patients should carefully consider these cases when choosing a treatment location.

Dental Radiology in the Corona Era

The issue of radiology is another concern of our patients, and the question for all of them is whether dental radiology is dangerous in the era of Corona. We must say that dental radiology, whether in the current situation or before the coronavirus, has specific health guidelines that must be followed to prevent the transmission of any disease. The dentist should observe these things because, in this case, there will be no risk for the patient, and there is no place to worry.

The first step is that the radiology center has a proper ventilation system, and it is better for the radiography room to have an airflow. The operator who performs the photo-taking work should observe hygiene measures such as wearing a mask and gloves. In page or panoramic radiology, the patient’s face is close to the device, and the patient must hold a device between his teeth while taking pictures, in which case it is very important to disinfect the device and have a replaceable cover for the oral device. For intraoral radiography, the X-ray tube must have a suitable cover, and if digital films are used, they must have a cover, and this will ensure that there is no risk to the patient.


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