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Intelligence and dexterity

Intelligence and dexterity

Linked to the previous attribute, the successful player in the competition must be resilient . Resilience is the ability to adapt and overcome adverse situations that occur. A player who develops this attribute well will have infinitely more opportunities to succeed in his nba중계 career than any other who does not work on it.


The demand that a player imposes on himself to improve and contribute to the team is positive, but overexertion is negative and a lot. Demanding more than normal exposes us to failure and causes overpressure that destabilizes our abilities. When our claims are excessively high in responsibility, an error causes a mental drop ten times greater than normal. Recovery requires a high effort and the risk of frustration is greater.

Therefore, the player must push himself as much as possible but always within his well-known limitations to remain stable in the set of attributes.

Luck does not come alone, you have to look for it and pursue it,

then it will appear. For this , the player must always avoid having negative self-talk and saying things like “I’m not good enough”, “it’s very hard for me, I can’t handle this”, “no matter how hard I try I don’t get results”. These statements become self-fulfilling prophecies and a player who thinks like this will unconsciously make these thoughts come true.

Knowledge and understanding

On many occasions, the game systems established by the coach can generate doubts of understanding due to lack of knowledge. In these cases, the player must overcome his shyness and ask what he does not understand well, since it is useless to pretend that something has been understood when it really is not, with the risk of compromising the team due to that lack of understanding.

Emotional regulation

The level of intensity with which the matches are played can cause bad gestures or angry reactions lacking respect for the rival. Beyond the lack of respect that this would entail, there is a very important underlying factor that is the manifestation of loss of control that we show to the rival. A loss of control shows our weakness in a situation by making us vulnerable in our position, something that we must avoid at all costs. Let us remember what was indicated in the first PERSONALITY attribute.


Self-confidence is the attribute through which we see ourselves as the player who has the necessary characteristics to be a good athlete, a good teammate and a reliable player, willing to assume responsibilities and offer our best abilities. We must have a high self-esteem of ourselves to automatically increase self-confidence.

Winning intention

The winning intention is a powerful weapon to face any situation. It is developed by applying self-motivation techniques based on visualizations, affirmations, verbalization of intentions and mental rehearsals. You can learn more about how to develop this attribute in the article published on our blog “ MATCH PREPARATION FROM THE GOALKEEPER’S PERSPECTIVE ” applicable to both goalkeepers and outfield players.

Group Vs Team

It is important not to confuse the concepts group and team, since their definition is clearly differentiated. Group and team are not synonymous, they have different connotations. The people who form a group barely relate to each other, there may not be a common goal while in a team there is a common goal .

The following characteristics define a team and it is very important to have a sense of belonging to it:

  • leadership is shared
  • There is trust and mutual support
  • Shared responsibility is assumed for the result, not at the individual level
  • Communication and constructive criticism are encouraged

The people who make up the team are indispensable and essential to achieve the proposed goals. no one is left



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