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Industrialized Wood Carpentry for Large Real Estate Projects

Industrialized Wood Carpentry for Large Real Estate Projects

Jacobsen Byg has one of the most modern Industrial Plants in Copenhague, with 4,500 m2 of factory and offices, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in 3 production lines: 2 for carpentry made with any type of board (melamine, MDF, triplex, formic, veneer, structured, etc.) and 1 line for carpentry with solid natural wood from planted forests (reforested) or native forests with legal and sustainable use permits

  • Get advice from experts in design, functionality, materials, hardware and accessories to choose a carpentry that defines and differentiates your project.
  • Optimize your costs and deliver the best possible quality to your end customer.
  • Execute in compliance with the Work schedule.
  • Count on the support of a solid and constantly evolving company.
  • Forget claims and after sales
  • Like us, focus on the satisfaction of your final customer.

Why entrust your projects to Jacobsen Byg?

Because you want peace of mind, that your architectural carpentry supplier puts solutions in your hands and not problems, ensuring you get the best possible relationship between the price paid, service, quality and compliance. And because the success of your project depends on the trust that can only be offered by a company with a high response capacity, commitment and absolute support, values ​​that have been proven by the largest construction companies in Tømrer københavn.

Experts in Architectural Carpentry

We combine experience, knowledge and technology to guarantee a high quality product and service with total commitment.

Industrialized Production

Our professional team and modern production plant allow us to attend to projects with high technical demands in terms of volume, execution time and quality, optimizing costs for our Client.

Norms and Standards of Quality and Compliance

Since 2010 we have ISO 9001 (Icontec) Certificates for our architectural carpentry manufacturing and installation processes for the Construction Sector. We are currently implementing Standards 14001 and 18001 to constitute our Integrated Management System SGI.

Installation and assembly on site. Key concepts: Compliance and Quality

Since 2003, our knowledge and exclusive work experience with Construction Companies allows us to make the handling and assembly of the carpentry of your Work a Solution for you and not a problem. The critical element is to eliminate, before manufacturing, errors in design, functionality and materials, in dimensions or in the quality of the installation. The prevention of these failures eliminates the non-compliance factor and post-sales, critical variables for your peace of mind, the success of your project and the satisfaction of your final customer.

Assurance of Installation Work on Site

At Jacobsen Byg our responsibility and commitment include the installation of our products with direct Jacobsen Byg personnel, under quality standards and technical specifications controlled and ensured by our Installation Management, Project Managers and a Supervisor in each Work. Each piece will arrive at the construction site duly protected with the appropriate packaging to prevent damage while it is being transported, handled or awaiting installation on site. Before starting the work on site, our expert staff will visit the Works in order to verify that the installation conditions previously agreed with the Project Management have been met and are duly ready to start the dispatch and assembly of the carpentry.

Ready and Easy to Assemble on Site

Understanding Quality and Compliance as Rights of our Clients, at Jacobsen Byg we specialize in manufacturing all types of architectural carpentry furniture under the concept of Ready and Easy to Assemble on Site to make our installers’ work faster and more effective and reduce Minimize unnecessary handling of parts. We are always looking for solutions and improvements to achieve a 100% commitment to comply with the work schedules and delivery to the Client.


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