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Important Things To Know About Ducted Heating Service

Important Things To Know About Ducted Heating Service

It is impossible to stay without a heating system in winter. There are different types of heaters available for your home like an electric heater, solar heating system or a ducted heating service. Out of all the options, Ducted heating system is the most convenient because you can keep your entire home in an optimal temperature, and you can control the heat of different zones in the house. You can install these ducts on your ceiling or walls.

Once you install a ducted heating system in your home, you can sign an annual maintenance agreement with a reliable ducted heating service to clean your heating system once in a year. They will not only clean the ducts, but they will also clean the filters, fix the potential issues of your heating system and tune up your heating system for your next winter. In the case of gas ducted heater, you need to maintain the gas burner, gas line, heat exchanger, filters, ducts, hoses, vents, and thermostat.

When would you call a ducted heating service?

  • If you face any of the following issue in your ducted heating system, then you must call a ducted heating service:
  • Sometimes, cold air can come out from your ducts, and you can hear unusual sound from your heating system.
  • Foul smell can spread through your ducts in your rooms, and it is an indication of gas leakage. You should not take any chance and call a ducted heating service to prevent major damages to your property.
  • Apart from that, you can face some troubles while you switch on your heating system, and you cannot turn on your heating system.

Regular maintenance of ducted heating system can keep your heating system functional and reliable ducted heating services can save your major cost. HVAC is an expensive heating and cooling system, and you cannot afford to replace your heating system every year. So, you must maintain your ducted heating system by a reliable company.

Why would you hire a ducted heating service?

Apart from cleaning the ducts and changing the filters, a reliable ducted heating services can provide various other facilities. They will also clean the fans and vents of your heating system which will impact on the power consumption and save you major costs. Clogged filters of your ducted heating system are also responsible for the foul smells, and you cannot stay in your rooms in this condition. You can hire a ducted heating service to ensure regular and timely maintenance of your system.

Gas heaters are dangerous, and leakage of gas can cause major accidents which can result in damage to your property or even loss of precious lives living in that house. it can catch the fire and your family can suffer a lot. To keep your family and property safe, you must hire a licensed ducted heating service. They will check your heating system and inspect such critical issues as safety checks. Apart from that, they will ensure that no carbon monoxide emission is present in your home because it is odourless and dangerous for your health. You can suffer from severe heath issues like headache, nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness due to gas leakage, and you must hire a trusted heating service to prevent such problems.


With regular maintenance you ensure that the life span of your ducted heating system is extended, and it runs for at least 10 years. Ducted heating service also ensures that any minor repair or issues in the system can be taken care before it turns into a major problem.


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