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I Have Trouble Sleeping, Any Tips For How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

I Have Trouble Sleeping, Any Tips For How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

Getting to sleep is hard. For those that find it easy, they are the rare ones. Most people I talk to have issues getting to sleep and staying asleep once they are there. We all have a lot on our minds these days so its usually quite hard to switch off at the end of the day. Particularly so when the line between work and life has blurred with us all working from home for the majority, if not all of our time. The number of people googling how to get a good night’s sleep has shot up. Especially since sleep is one of the main ways to keep our immune systems strong which we have all had to focus on when fighting against the virus. 

At Paso, we’ve done a lot of research into sleep and have since developed our nightly (and vegan!) sleep capsules so we wanted to share some tips for how to get a good night’s sleep. Hopefully this will provide some useful advice for both how to get more deep and better sleep


  • Set aside 7-8 hours: the amount of time that we sleep is important. I know that we live busy lives, but sleep is the one thing that we should make time for. In fact, sleep is more beneficial to our health, fitness and mental health than doing exercise. With a lack of sleep, exercise and dieting (and most other things) becomes less effective. Experts suggest we all need 7-8 hours each night for our bodies to move through all the necessary sleep processes. 


  • Power down in advance of bed: one of the reasons why many of us find it hard to fall asleep is because our minds are very much switched on when we clamber into bed at the end of the day. We lay there thinking and worrying about all the things we need to do or didn’t do that day or the last thing we saw on social media that put us in a bit of a spiral. The important thing is to step away from work and mentally engaging activities for at least an hour before bed. Give yourself a break, have a bath or read something that is mindless to remove you from your woes and set you up for a good snooze.


  • Dim the lights: melatonin (our sleep hormone) production is stimulated by the sun going down. This is the way that our body knows that we are gearing up for bed. Too much natural light will block this process so try to avoid too much unnatural light (switch to low lighting or bedside lamps and avoid your phone or other screens) right before bed. Try to emulate the natural light outside. 


  • Don’t work where you sleep: I know this is totally dependent on your living situation, but, if at all possible, really try to separate your work zone from your sleep zone. Just having them in the same space will make it much harder to mentally switch off at the end of the day as there is no clear delineation between down time and work time. 

We hope these tips for how to get a good night’s sleep helps you out. We are always sharing useful info on our blog so check it out if you have any other questions or want more suggestions. 



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