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How You Can Recreate the Feel of a Hotel in Your Home?

How You Can Recreate the Feel of a Hotel in Your Home?

If you’re looking to make your home feel more like a hotel, here are some pros and cons to consider. We all have our cause for wanting to feel like we’re at a hotel. Maybe you have trouble sleeping in your own bed, or maybe you just really love the comforts of home. Whatever the cause, there are ways to make your home feel like a hotel—even if it’s only temporary.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Recreate That Hotel-like Feeling in Your Home:

-Make sure your sheets and duvet protectors are clean and fresh-smelling, with no stains on them.

-Get some high-quality toiletries so that when you need to use them, they’ll be there for you (maybe even in a basket next to the sink).

-Leave out snacks and drinks so that when someone arrives, they have something to munch on or drink while they wait for their room to be ready.

-Set up a “welcome” sign with their name on it, so they know they’ve arrived safely!

If you’re anything, you love going to hotels. They’re relaxing, they have great amenities, and they always smell amazing. But let’s be honest: hotels are expensive! I mean, even if you can afford one night at a time, it still adds up over time. And what about all those extra charges? What about the fact that you don’t have any control over their cleaning staff or room service options?

Luckily for all of us, there are some things we can do at home to recreate the feel of a hotel while saving money and getting more control over our experience. First up? Get yourself some soft sheets! Do you know those hotel sheets that feel like they’re made out of clouds? Well, they are! And they’re usually pretty expensive if you buy them in-store. But if you buy them online (and use a code, then they’ll only cost you $20 for two sets of queen-size sheets—which is less than half what most stores charge! And if your bed isn’t quite as soft as theirs yet, just add an extra layer or two under your fitted sheet for extra cushioning.

Next Up? Get Yourself Some Fluffy Towels! Again


– No need to talk to strangers in the lobby.

– You’re never forced to make small talk with the concierge.

– You can just use your phone as a key and go straight up to your room, avoiding all of the awkward elevator rides and hallway greetings that come with staying at a hotel.

-You can always count on a clean bed, fresh towels, and a stocked mini-bar.

-You can get in and out without having to deal with pesky things like “homeowners” or “family.”

-You can eat all the free food you want without having to cook it yourself.

-You’ll always have clean sheets and towels

-The service is great

-You get access to the minibar and room service

-You never have to worry about cleaning up after yourself or finding a place for your stuff.


– You have no maid service! If you don’t put your dirty laundry in the hamper, it’s going to stay there until you do—and then you’ll have to fold it yourself.

-You’ll have no idea what day it is since you’re never home long enough to see the sunrise or set.

-You’ll have no idea where anything is because everything will be new and unfamiliar every time you check in (and you’ll probably forget where your stuff is at some point).

-It was really expensive!

 If you want to recreate the feel of a hotel in your home, start by thinking about the things that make hotels so comfortable and inviting. Then, transform those things into your own home.

Here Are Some Ideas:

– Hotel rooms often have soft lighting and a lot of mirrors. You can achieve this look by turning on all the lights in your house and making sure they’re dimmed or covered with lamps or shades.

Hotel rooms often have art on the walls that helps give them personality and identity. If you don’t have any art yet, consider getting some prints from Etsy!

– Hotel rooms usually have plenty of space for guests to chill out, whether it’s a couch or even just an area rug where people can sit down and relax. If you don’t have any extra seating area in your home yet, consider purchasing some cheap furniture from IKEA (or even just going out for coffee!) so that you have somewhere comfy for guests to sit down when they visit.


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