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How to Take Care of Skin in Summer?

How to Take Care of Skin in Summer?

Summer is quite a harsh season that can damage your skin in many ways. And hence, you must resort to a natural skin care routine that allows you to keep your skin healthy and fresh despite the scorching heat during the hot months of the year. But, not a lot of people are well-versed with what should be done with their skin in order to keep it clean, moisturised and glowing in summers. Hence, we thought of giving you some basic knowledge on a glowing skin routine that you can consistently start using if you wish to achieve the skin of your dreams.

Step 1: Cleanse: This is the first and most important step of the skincare routine in summers. Cleansing will help you get rid of all the dirt and impurities that sit on your face all day long. But what’s also crucial is to pick a natural cleanser that won’t break down the natural oils your skin needs to maintain balance. You can go for a cleanser that is made with organic ingredients and is free from chemicals. Also make sure you choose a cleanser that suits your skin type so that you don’t end up ruining your skin in any way.

Step 2: Exfoliate: Now, this skincare step is only to be included once or twice a week depending on your skin type. But it’s extremely vital to scrub your skin well to get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities. For this, you can try the Pure Sense Pink Guava Face Scrub. This gentle face scrub will exfoliate and remove all the dirt, dust and pollution from your face. It will help you achieve the perfect glow for your skin as it is designed to gently buff away dead skin cells and relax your senses after a tiring day. It contains niacinamide that prevents moisture loss while giving you clear and radiant skin. It also contains African melon that helps boost collagen production and protect your skin against sun damage.

Step 3: Tone: Toners are designed to rebalance your skin after cleansing. Natural toners will help you get rid of excess oil, dirt and any leftover makeup after you wash your face. Toners basically prepare your skin for all the skincare steps that follow right after.

Step 4: Moisturise: A moisturiser is one of the most important products to use on your skin, regardless of your skin type. Especially during the summer season, a moisturiser helps lock in moisture into your skin and allows your skin to feel hydrated and healthy at all times. Make sure you use a natural moisturiser that is either formulated for your specific skin type or the one that works on all skin types.

Step 5: Lip Balm: Along with taking care of the skin on your face, you must also put effort into caring for the skin on your lips. The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and it needs special attention or else, it will crack and chap all summer long. So, it’d be better if you apply a natural lip balm to seal in the moisture that your lips need during the hot months of the year. Be sure to reapply the moisturising lip balm every few hours to achieve perfect puckers.

Step 6: Sunscreen: The last and final step of your natural skincare routine for summers should be sunscreen. Always and always apply sunscreen all over the exposed area, especially your ears and neck. A sunscreen helps protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays and helps your skin stay away from any kind of sun damage.


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