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How to Style Your Bookshelf Shelves

How to Style Your Bookshelf Shelves

Off late, every home that you go to in your neighbourhood, or of a friend’s place, you almost definitely see a bookshelf. This new theory about looking intelligent, byways of employing the presence of bookshelves in your living space, is something of a colossal task. However, it’s not just about getting the bookshelf. You’ve given into buying a new bookshelf for yourself but at the moment have no idea how to decorate and style it. You can’t possibly stack it all up with just books. It’s got to look aesthetically pleasing, as well. 

You’re probably clueless and now have no way to style it. Here’s how you should do it. Consider these six steps to nail that shelf styling for your bookshelf. 

  1. Step One: Use Boxes. Books are usually placed vertically, accentuating the use of height on the bookshelf. The width of the shelves typically go ignored. The right technique to employ the show of width is by placing wide looking boxes. Either as one product or by stacking up a few boxes of different sizes. Don’t place them in the bottom shelf, as placing them there will define the length of the whole structure. Instead, place it preferably at either the top shelf or somewhere in between.
  2. Step Two: Add interest to the structure by adding objects of different shapes. When you place pieces of interest such as geometrically vertical objects such as vases with unusual shapes, metallic geometrical shapes are also a big hit so that they add a different texture and attention to the shelves.
  3. Step Three: Add height to the shelves by placing objects that have both the height and weight to do it. For example; adding photo frames and artwork or placing trays and platters with those frames give a significant chunk of height and weight to one’s shelves. 
  4. Step Four: Add Greens. Stay away from real green plants. Watering down that plant every day is going to be a chore and also stain the bookshelf in ways you will not appreciate. Instead, go for some faux green plants, and that will make a massive difference to your shelves. Some fern, succulent, moss or even small flowering plants. (A lily, a tulip, a daffodil or an orchid)
  5. Step Five: Add Wooden Structures. Wood usually amps up the structure and texture quotient of the shelves by giving a different texture to the rack than the colour of the already present shelf’s wood. The wood colour can provide a different sort of definition to shelves.

All it takes to style a bookshelf are some accessories for your home decor. With these above-mentioned home decor accessories, you can amp up the look of your shelves by placing luxury home accessories to the shelf. You longer have to keep wondering, you could access these items on online home decor and accessories website and wait for it to arrive at you in the comfort and warmth of your homes. Let’s not let cowardice get in the way of functional styling. Happy styling! 



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