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How To Style With Different Palazzo Pants

How To Style With Different Palazzo Pants

Are you preparing for a comfortable outing? Remember that a trail of festivals and weddings are on their way. And you must have also enlisted some places to go in those cool and breezy nights!

But, are you fashion-ready?

During those scorching heat waves, you definitely can’t opt to wear denim; and shorts are too easy to catch your skin burns. Already wondering what bottoms to wear!


Palazzos will pay the ransom!

Palazzos have been a hit since their inception and today we are going discuss what are the types of palazzos and how you can style them with perfect finesse. Let’s start!

Wide-Legged Palazzo Trousers

Palazzos have always been secure rangers for women. Be it a long walk or a short time house-warming occasion, wide-legged palazzos have always been the best option nearby. Single-coloured, no patterns and designs are some of the outer characteristics of these palazzos. These have a quite wide flare at the bottom, which thus, work well as business casuals.

How To Style: Throw a blazer with spaghetti top to finish off the look.

Cotton Slub Culottes

Culottes are generally smaller in length and do not reach till ankles like the usual palazzos. One of the best things of these palazzos is that they are made of cotton, bound to give you utter comfort and breathability to your skin.

How To Style: Ribbed tops, tube tops and short kalamkarikurtis online.

Handblock Palazzos

A great combination of traditional and western art is a great treasure to save by your side. Don’t miss this type of handblock palazzo pair, which are a great choice to wear during festive occasions as well as pre-wedding events. Not too heavily designed but aesthetic enough to allure many hearts.

How To Style: Plain pleated shirts, golden thread work tops and spaghetti top with stole. These sarees are thus manufactured by skilled weavers with high precision to serve and match the international global standards. The weavers also keep in mind that they include only 100% original fabrics in the making of such sarees to give the least negative impact on the environment. Indian handloom fabrics are then dyed by natural dyes which are skin-friendly and stay for years.

Kalamkari Palazzos

Kalamkari is an art of kalam that is now only known by the riches or who have a keen interest in Indian heritage and culture. Are you one of them?

Well, these intricate designs are now available in Indo-western style palazzos. Save these jewels!

How To Style: Plain top or kurtis online to highlight the beauty of the palazzos.

Sharara Palazzos

Is there any upcoming wedding or reception?

Even if there is nothing like that on the calendar, you are seriously advised to save these beautiful brocade designer sharara palazzos. Don’t forget to buy designer kurtis online with it. In the world of Indian fashion, saree has always tasted the award of triumph. And without any single doubt, we can say that saree is one of the most demanding and popular dresses among Indian women. Be it a grand wedding or a festive occasion, saree has been the first choice around the fashion landscape in India. Although Indian women are spoiled with brim-full of choices, saree is a kind of dress that seems to be just too perfect for every occasion and event.

How To Style: Contrasting plain yet bright top with antique jewellery.


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