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How To Style Thick Round Shoelace?

How To Style Thick Round Shoelace?

‘People who wear attractive shoes are never ugly.’ This common quote suits people who are obsessed with shoes. The typical social norms say that women and girls never get satisfied with shopping for dresses and clothes whereas men love to invest in branded shoes. No fashion trend is permanent in today’s time and the same applies to footwear. There are several options available in the market for people who love having a nice collection of footwear. But do you ever pay heed to the fact that there is one type of footwear that never goes out of fashion? That footwear is SHOES!

The never-ending trend of shoes  

From the formal shoes, you wear to work on the canvas shoes that you pick for the weekend night with friends at the movie. Different occasions, different types of shoes, and lace to style. Several types of laces can be used to tie shoes and make footwear fashion a thing! And one of those types is thick round shoelaces that are thick in texture and round in shape.

Round laces to make your shoes look more attractive 

If you thinking how simple pair of shoes look attractive, then shoelace is the element that would create a difference. Having a great fashion never means dressing up in branded dresses or shoes rather putting a spare piece of clothing into some use. Likewise, you can use shoelaces of different shapes and colors and experiment with the footwear fashion.

How to style round shoelaces?

  • If you notice the round laces, then you will find that they are more bulging in comparison to the straight shoelaces. Also because they are thick in shape and pretty long in size with which you can tie them in any shape you want to.
  • If you buy shoes with straight laces, you can experiment with the round ones and can equally light up the room you walk in.
  • There are several colors and sizes of round shoelaces available in the market and online stores with which you can pair your shoes.
  • Usually, round shoelaces look attractive on the sneakers used for casual outings and paired with normal clothes worn out of work.
  • But if you are someone who is a sucker of funky clothes or accessories and prefers a style out of the box then you can give a try to round laces.
  • The grip of these laces is quite hard and easily does not open. Hence if you are someone who keeps on juggling with loose laces and bends down to tie them every five minutes, here is your savior!
  • Last but not the least, no fashion sense deserves to become a trend if it does not do justice with the comfort of the person. Anything that you wear or carry if becomes tough to carry can never become a fashion hack. But round shoelaces justifies all of these norms of fashion. And next time you walk in a footwear showroom in a mall, you know what to pick that would compliment your possessed collection of footwear.


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