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How To Reduce Water Consumption In Commercial Cleaning

How To Reduce Water Consumption In Commercial Cleaning

Water is the most important natural resource that is used everywhere. You use water in your house, office, industrial plants, clinics, laboratories and so on. When it comes to commercial cleaning services in Irving, it is important to use water wisely. When you are using water recklessly, you are contributing to a crisis. Instead of cleaning your office on your own this weekend, hire professionals for Irving janitorial cleaning services. Commercial cleaning companies make responsible and sustainable use of water while minimizing the use of harsh chemical-based solutions. Moreover, they use the right cleaning practices. You may not be aware of these practices and eco-friendly products. The following cleaning practices minimize the use of water in commercial cleaning. 

  • Recycle    
  • Improved cleaning process 
  • Right equipment 
  • Correct maintenance and operation 


One simple step can reduce water consumption in the Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Grovetown job. Use cleaning practices that recycle water. In such practices, cleaning companies use wastewater to clean your office. You can recycle water for many applications such as: 

  • Drinking water 
  • Irrigation, recreational parks, gardening, household and many other non-drinking uses
  • Cooling and washing in industrial plants and power stations and other industrial uses
  • Viticulture, forestry, horticulture, agriculture and so on
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Fire fighting 
  • Wetlands 

The companies of commercial office cleaning in Grapevine also use the latest innovations in technology in office cleaning. They used floor scrubbing machines equipped with smart water recycling systems. This can reduce water and detergent consumptions by 60%.

Improved Cleaning Process

Water consumption is more in commercial spaces as compared to residential spaces. The right cleaning strategy can reduce water consumption in commercial spaces. Many people use chemicals to clean their homes and offices. However, using detergents has now become a habit. Not all cleaning jobs require chemicals. Chemical applications require more water. Instead of the traditional way of cleaning that involves a bucket of water and a mop, you can use automated floor cleaning solutions.

Right Equipment

There can be different options available for cleaning an office. Therefore, start with the evaluation of your goals and different options. You can reduce overall consumption by using technologies like oscillating scrubbing technology. You can also reduce water consumption with independent water and detergent dosing. 

Correct Maintenance and Operation

Scheduled preventive maintenance and well-trained operation staff keep your equipment and space in the best condition. Avoid spills. If you notice any leakage, get it repaired immediately. Use technologies and practices that produce minimum waste.


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