Home Lifestyle How to Preserve Wedding Gown? How to store it safe; things every bride must know

How to Preserve Wedding Gown? How to store it safe; things every bride must know

How to Preserve Wedding Gown? How to store it safe; things every bride must know

Recently, while talking to one of my friends who is about to get married in a couple of months, I understood how confused and concerned she was with her wedding dress. She had lots of tensions as to how to preserve wedding gown, how to keep it afterward, and more.

I asked her to take a deep breath and just relax. This article is just meant for people like my friend who are worried about how to preserve their wedding dress. I think this is very common with every girl and ‘going to be’ brides.

Everyone gets tensed overthinking what will happen to my dress for which I have paid huge. When do you really want to start thinking of wedding dress preservation? In fact, you will have to start thinking of it as soon as you think of purchasing it.

While you go shopping and before picking up the dress, ask the experts or the shop owner what are the materials used for it and how it has to be preserved. Being familiar with different types of wedding dress and materials, the shop owner can help you with this.

You should ask questions to him to clear all your doubts. Take his advice before you leave the shop with your all-new wedding dress. This should be the way even if you have decided to stitch one for yourself. Choose the fabrics wisely.

Those still wondering how to preserve wedding gowns, read on. The answers are ahead. The rest is about what you will have to do after your wedding.

The wedding gown needs special care. It has to be given to the preservation company at the earliest, if possible soon after the wedding. While everyone is enjoying your wedding party, the bride will be worried over their costly dress.

She also thinks and takes extra care not to let any vine particles, alcohol, or food particles spoil her dress. How far careful you are, you will still get your dress stained by some of these, and only thing is that you may not be aware of it.

Vines and alcohol particles dropped on wedding dresses are not visible to human eyes. They will stick to it and will cause damage to your wedding dress if not taken care of properly.

To avoid any kind of damage from these, give your dress for preservation at the earliest. If you wait longer for giving it, then you are on the verge of losing your dress.

Once you get back your dress after preservation, then it is important for you to store it properly. I have a friend who runs a preservation company. He often says people will blame the shop after they fail in storing the dress in a safe, dry place.

The dress should be sealed well in an acid-free box to ensure maximum durability of the preservation done, he adds on. You won’t make that mistake I know.


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