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How to Prepare Yourself before Getting a Puppy?

How to Prepare Yourself before Getting a Puppy?

Puppies are cute, small, little miracle animals that nobody can resist. They are adorable and you can carry them everywhere you go. They make you forget your sorrow as they are very playful. These are the reasons why everyone at some point in life always thought of getting a puppy. But it is not always easy to raise a puppy. There are numerous factors that you should always be considered before making the final decision.

Being ready

Deciding to get a dog and puppy is two different things. Getting a puppy needs double the commitment and hard work that you put in for a dog. Raising a puppy is almost same as raising a child. It must be fed thrice or four times a day. It has to be taken out for poopy or peeing. Even puppies get up at night and it can’t be left alone for more than a couple of hours. Puppies can be very naughty, and they will want to chew and bite or at least lick everything that comes in their way, so they had to be looked over all the time.


After to decide to get a puppy, you need to think of which breed you want. Depending upon the size of your house, you can decide on the puppy breed. Big dogs don’t do well in small space. Raising a puppy is always expensive. The bigger the dog, more the expenses.The vaccination for the dogs is must and it is also costly. So before getting the dog, one has to consider the cost factor also.

Equip yourself

Before your little paws come home, you have to puppy proof your whole house otherwise destruction is inevitable. Until the puppy gets over the phase of playing and chewing objects, everything including plants, pillows, clothes, and even plants should be kept out of reach. Also, you must equip yourself with dog collar, tags, medicines, toiletries, bed, bowls, bully sticks, etc.


Socializing with new people and environment or with other dogs, might reduce the chances of your dog to be aggressive or isolate. So, make sure your dog goes out for a walk, meet new people. If you already have a pet, give proper introductions right when your puppy came home otherwise t becomes difficult for them to establish their bond.


Like how you generally train your baby on potty, the puppies also need training in almost everything. The training has to begin the moment the puppies come home. They have to be given obedience training. You have to understand that the training is a very long and slow process and you have to start with something simple and have patience with your pet. If you find it difficult, there puppy trainers who can do train your dog.

If you feel that you will be able to do all the above-mentioned duties, you can go for getting or adopting a puppy. Because once you give your commitment, there is no going back in this.


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