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How to moisturize dry skin in an everyday routine?

How to moisturize dry skin in an everyday routine?

Dry skin is a common skin disorder in the winter season and low humid regions. You do not have to think much about it but yes, this can put you in trouble. Your skin behaves tightly and rough on touch after being in the water for some time. Itching and fine lines are also common. Your skin may even develop itching, fine lines, and even deep bleeding cracks.

Keeping your skin moisturized is crucial if you want to get rid of dry skin problems. Regardless of your skin type, this is possible to pamper it with medimix moisturizing face wash. With that, you also have to follow a healthy skincare routine. Every skin type needs different products and routines to get over dry skin. Medimix ayurvedic face wash for dry skin is suitable for all skin types.

Common Causes behind Dry Skin

Before exploring the solution to your dry skin, let us cover some reasons behind your dry skin. It is worth knowing fact that dry skin is also called xerosis and now moving on to the causes.

  • Weather highly affects our skin that’s why most of us face dry skin problems in winter.
  • Being exposed to excessive heat is one of the major causes of dry skin.
  • Moisture from your skin fades away with the use of harsh soaps and shampoo.
  • People who are suffering from eczema and psoriasis will have to deal with dry skin


Using Medimix ayurvedic face wash for dry skin can bring some smoothness. It prevents your skin from getting dry. The product features the power of Kesar and milk cream. Moreover, it can maintain elasticity in your skin making it supple. For deep nourishment, Medimix moisturizing face wash is the right product to choose from. Apply it gently twice a day. Besides, you need to do these things when your skin is dry.

  • Apart from bathing daily, you also have to use a moisturizer because water from your skin evaporates after coming out from the bath.
  • It’s common to deal with the skin problem in cold months but staying out in the spring and summer season will damage your skin. So, limit the time you spend outdoors.
  • Get adequate sleep because it can hydrate skin. This is the only time when your body is in repair mode. Lack of sleep leads to other troubles too.
  • Make some time for exfoliating your skin for keeping pores open and preventing breakouts.
  • Use essential oils for avoiding flakiness on your skin


  • Don’t shower for too long especially in warm water because it quickly makes your skin dry
  • Skincare products that contain fragrance will cause irritation
  • Over exfoliating skin can increase roughness instead of making it smooth
  • Strictly avoid powder makeup when your skin is dry. Liquid makeup won’t affect your skin.


As you are aware of the Medimix moisturizing face wash for dry skin now, get it today. Your skin will get better day by day, irrespective of your life situation.


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