Home Exclusive How to make your trip to India more enjoyable? Must read before leaving

How to make your trip to India more enjoyable? Must read before leaving

How to make your trip to India more enjoyable? Must read before leaving

Worthy and detailed Travelling tips to India

We can understand that you always wanted to visit the amazing land called India, however, couldn’t make it up till now! There’s no denying to the way that making a trip to India will be perhaps the best adventures of your life, and you’ll get the opportunity to observe what a huge and mystifying nation it is!

Heading out to India during your vacations will be significantly more than just an adventure, and you’ll be presented to the heat and the madness, the crowd and the traffic, wandering cows and attractive religions, spicy cuisines, and ancient buildings, The Himalayas, deserts, and the seashores and many more. However, before you make another stride further, here are some valuable tips which will help you as a first-time traveller in quite a while. On the off chance if you are carrying extra luggage no need to be worried about it as many cargo companies are now dealing with courier to India in low rates.

Be ready for the cultural shock

Regardless of how much research you do and what individuals inform you concerning their experience in India, you ought to be set up for a culture shock during your first visit to this country. Admit that, things don’t occur similarly as they do in your place and embrace the distinctions joyfully.

Visiting India would be a pleasing experience however it’ll possibly be so if you are prepared to accept how things occur here. Leave your Western thoughts and logics behind, because they don’t make a sense here. Be there with open heart and mind and India will open up to you.

Time to taste heaven

Indian food taste nothing less than blessed or heaven cuisines, every state has its traditional foods and almost available every corner of India. No matter you are in Gujrat or Bihar, wandering on streets of Mumbai or visiting Chandni Chowk of Delhi, you will find amazing meals everywhere all over India.

If you are in Hyderabad must-try chicken Biryani, not just in India but Hyderabad is worldwide famous for the yummiest biryani. On the other side, the northern side of India has also a good range of delicious food. If you want to taste these meals it is suggested to make a list first. Start from one side towards the other one.

Chandni Chowk of Delhi is like a heaven for foodies. Name a dish and they will provide it within few minutes. From kabab’s to dahi bhallay, from parathay to nihari, from samosay to kachori, pakoray to fruit chat and naan to jalebi, you find drops of heaven taste scattered all around the Delhi.

No matter you are eating less or not, you will face digestion issues at every cost. So it is suggested to keep your medicines along with yourself and start eating as more than half of fascination and attraction of India is in its food.

What time is good to go out?

It depends on the area you are visiting. No matter you are in the urban area or visiting the rural side of India always try to be back at your place in daylight. Though you cannot go to the disco in day time surely you would be alive or should I say safe.

For foreigners, unfortunately, India isn’t that much safe especially if you have a female company or you are a solo female traveller. If you are a solo male or group of male friends then no need to be worried you are not at risk but your money and valuable stuff surely are.

The ratio of rape cases is increased unluckily in India from past few years, and foreigners are an easy target for the molesters as foreigners don’t know their language, they don’t know how to overcome such situation. And after this bad incident surely they will leave India as soon as possible.

So be safe, and do not travel alone after sunset, do not accept the invitation of strangers either invite new friends to your place at all.

Shopping in India 

Yes, Indians are helpful, kind and hospitable but Indian shopkeepers love their selves more than you. They will try to con you and sell you a 5$ thing in 50$. So it is suggested to keep a local guide along with yourself throughout the trip which not just guide you properly but also help you to purchase whatever you want in lowest possible rates.

Rather go to big malls you should visit local markets. You will find the same stuff in low rates plus your guide will bargain also for even lesser price.

Appropriate clothes

India isn’t a backward country but it has traditions. You should wear appropriate clothes while visiting temples, shrines and other holy places. Try to cover your maximum body especially for female visitors it is necessary to cover your upper body maximum and wear at least Capri’s instead of shorts and skirts.

Leave your footwear’s outside of the temples, mosques, shrines and houses as it is essential for both male and females to respect religious aspects of all.

Do not interrupt in any discussion

Indians are loveable but on the other side, they are very touchy and sensitive for their thoughts and rituals as well. They do not warmly welcome your opinion if it differs with them.

Politics, religion and cricket are hot topics for chit chat there but beware of interruption, Indians do not accept disagreement at all. Either you are on their side or you are their enemy. They do not understand freedom of speech neither they accept it.

Pack your stuff properly

Always keep the photocopy of your travelling documents along with you, keep extra money safe in your room, and do not wear costly jewellery and accessories while travelling. India is one of those countries which do not have safe drinking water. To keep yourself safe and healthy it is suggested to keep filter water with you all along the trip.

If you are on medication, it is good to bring your medicine along with you in India and keep it in your travel bag all the time as well as the first aid box. With all these worthy words you will surely make your trip to India even more pleasant and memorable.


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