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How To Have a Healthy Heart Over 40’s: Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

How To Have a Healthy Heart Over 40’s: Evan Bass Men’s Clinic

The priority of men should be health once they cross their 40s. Ignoring it would simply mean inviting a host of health completions which are enough to make their life monochromic. With the rapid hormonal changes, aging brings considerable changes in the body. The changes and their intensity tend to differentiate between men and women, however, for both, the solution is the same. And its answer is – exercise with diet control. Without them, the metabolism will be slower, muscles will become loose and the body will accumulate fat. In this context, the experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic suggest people get started with cardio.

Apart from muscle training, the aim should essentially combine cardio, weight management, and having a healthy diet. Concentrating on cardio is enough for overall well-being. It makes the heart’s health enduring and ever lively. Following is a step-wise guide for men over 40s to stay fit.

Have a Fixed Schedule

While having a hectic work schedule is fairly normal, never become side-tracked because of it or miss the workout session. Having a strict schedule is a must and that should be followed with due diligence. The early morning should be the best choice while the goals need to be realistic to derive the best benefit from it. Noteworthy, that over-exercising can be harmful, and rather than doing anything good, it could affect inversely which is not at all desirable. Considering simple cardio exercise and ensuring that they can seamlessly address cardiovascular health is important.

Focus On Endurance with Right Tempo

At the beginning stage, avoid over-exerting which could result in injury or even be fatal for the cardiac health. Having the right pace considering the individual capability and stamina is important to gradually increase the endurance and accordingly, intensity of cardio that fits.

Bring Variety in Cardio Exercises

Working out on similar cardio aerobics happens to be monotonous. Apart from this feeling, the body also gets used to certain types of workouts. If the body gets adapted to a typical pattern of activity, it will lessen the positive impact of the workouts and affect weight loss endeavors. Specifically, for people planning to lose weight, bringing change in cardio variety is important, however, before trying the varieties, consulting with experts makes sense. The varieties could involve having brisk work one day which can be alternated with hopping on stationary bikes, long bicycle rides, climbing stairs, and so on. Steadily increase both speed and duration.

Considering Recovery Days is Vital

Experts of Evan Bass Men’s Clinic recommend avoiding over-exercising during an aerobic session. One day needs to be kept aside simply for recovery. It will be helpful for the muscles to get rejuvenate for the following session. Recovery sessions should include low-impact workouts such as involving in gardening, household activities, etc.

Have a Healthy Diet Plan

Compared to women, men aged 45-55 are twice likely to suffer from cardiac diseases, obesity, high blood sugar, prostate cancer, etc. Thereby, while having cardio, make sure to follow a healthy diet plan every day.  Having adequate fiber offers immense health benefits including managing weight, and appetite, reducing cholesterol, and risk of colon cancer. The list of must-have nutrients – including vitamin C, beta-carotene, fish oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and make sure to lessen salt and sugar intake.


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