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How to Get Custom Press on Nails Wholesale at Xianxing Beauty?

How to Get Custom Press on Nails Wholesale at Xianxing Beauty?
Press on Nails

What Are Press on Nails?

Press on nails supplier are providing artificial nails that are pressed and glued directly onto the prepared natural nail. They are therefore a perfect and, above all, quick alternative to time-consuming nail modeling.

The artificial nails, mostly made of acrylic resins, extend over the entire natural nail. In this, they differ from tips, which are only placed on the tip of the nail.

Press On Nails are attached to the nail with nail glue or adhesive pads. They come in many different colors, shapes and lengths. Both monochrome, patterned and clear to design yourself.

Since they are very easy to attach, they can be selected or exchanged quickly and flexibly to match the outfit or the occasion. This makes Press on Nails a great alternative to conventional and time-consuming nail modeling.

Buy Press on Nails at Xianxing Beauty:

We make press on nails in various colors, shapes and lengths. If you want to beautify your hands with Press On Nails for the first time, you are well advised to purchase a set that contains the necessary nail glue.

Press on Nails Set:

Press On Nails are also sold as sets at XianXing beauty. In addition to artificial nails products in different sizes, these sets also contain tip glue or adhesive pads with which the Press On Nails can be attached.

Custom Press on Nails at Wholesale – Xianxing Beauty:

Do you run a nail studio or cosmetics store and are you looking for a reliable supplier of quality fake nails and customized fake nails? Congratulations, you are in the right place!

Press on Nails
Press on Nails

Look no further! Let XianXing Beauty be your new fake nails vendor:

Our press on nails have different sizes, suitable for children, adults and other consumer groups. Our Nails use environmentally friendly ABS, that do not hurt hands! You can customize press on nails on wholesale at XianXing beauty.

Our custom wholesaling process is straightforward!

Here’s how it works:

Please inform us about the following details and we will make wholesale prices available to you.

  • Choose the sizes of press on nails for your custom wholesale order. Our nail sets come in the sizes: XL, Large, Medium, Small, and XS. You can mix the sizes for your nail sets in any way that you want or you can provide your own custom sizing for your order.

Nails sets will be equally distributed between the different sizes unless otherwise stated.

  • Tell us about the design of press on nails you want. You can choose from the designs that we already have or you can also provide your own custom design.
  • Then select the nail shapes you wish to purchase. Over 30 different nail shapes are available at XianXing beauty like Oval, Square, Almond and Coffin etc.


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