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How to Fit a Number Plate on Your Car by Yourself

How to Fit a Number Plate on Your Car by Yourself
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There are indeed a variety of motives why we would want to acquire number plates. Maybe you wish to replace your existing licence plate with a personal one, or maybe your licence plate has indeed been seized. If you’re seeking a way of replacing your license plates for whatever purpose, this instruction may come in handy. You can use the number plate fixing pads as well.

Putting Your Plates Together

You may also want to install your plates to conserve money, or you might have just got your brand’s licence plates in the mail after purchasing them online and can’t wait to show these off. If you wish to tackle the job on your own, you have two options. You could use nuts or powerful, double-sized glue pads to attach the fresh plates. The very first stage, in either case, is to detach the old plates, which is the same for either alternative.

1. Remove The Car’s Licence Plate

The very first step is to take off your old licence plate (if there is one). Here’s how to take off a licence plate:

Start by removing any plastic screw coverings that may be present. The screws are then easily undone. You may discover double-sided pads anchoring the plate in certain cases, in which case you would need to remove them. Be warned that such a procedure may take some time owing to the sticky nature of the pads. In that scenario, don’t be hesitant to apply quite as much pressure as necessary. Meanwhile, you can remove it with whichever instrument you have on hand.

2. Make Holes In Your Registration Number With A Drill

You’ll need to create holes in your registration number if you’re using screws to attach it. There are a few options, and there are differing viewpoints on which are the finest. Piercing the openings from the back is such a way of achieving it. The majority of companies advocate doing it this way. The alternative option is to pierce from the front after the adhesive tape has been applied to the plate. You could use your old registration number as a model to ensure that everything is in the appropriate place.

3. Use Screws To Attach The Registration Plate

Use your old or current screws to secure the license plate to the vehicle. Ensure that it’s securely fastened.

4. A Licence Plate and Fastening Plate That Is Both Clear

If you’re using double-sided sticky tape, the next stage is to wipe the adhesive area as well as the reverse of the new registration number in this scenario. It is a crucial stage since it ensures that the adhesive pads stay to your plate and the vehicle very efficiently.

5. Attach Adhesive Pads To Your Licence Plate

Once you’ve carefully cleansed your surfaces, peel one of the sticky pads from its packing and adhere it to the rear of your registration number. Strip the backing from the adhesive pad on edge, which will be attached to your car later. Don’t touch the glue since it can lose its adhesion!

6. Attach The Licence Plate To Your Vehicle

Once you’ve got your registration number in the right place, press down as hard as you can for at least 10 seconds to make sure it’s solid.

Using Adhesive to Adhere a Number Plate

Because no drilling or screws are required, it’s a much quicker and even simpler method to attach registration plates to a car. Only double-sided adhesive tapes and a method for removing the residues from the old sticky tape are required. This is what you must do:

1st step

Retrieve your old vehicle licence plate from the car and place it safely away. If there are any nuts, you’ll have to take them out first. After removing the plates, wash the area as much as possible; the cleaner the area, the more the new panels would adhere to the car.

Step 2 

Apply at minimum four double-sided sticky strips to the rear of your registration number, and then pull away from the adhesive on the other end.

Step 3 

Place your plate on the cleansed surface, ensuring sure it’s level and in the middle, and afterwards, press that onto the car. Keep the dish in position for 2-3 minutes (depending on the tape’s directions) to verify that it securely adheres. Then you’re done, with almost no work and a fantastic effect.

Final Words

You can fit a number plate on your car easily. The steps are given above. 



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