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How to Cut Energy Costs with Window Treatments

How to Cut Energy Costs with Window Treatments

Are you getting too high energy bills?Trust us, you are not alone. Also, there can be lot more that can be at play rather than the good old “energy companies ripping me off” thing. Of course, energy companies ripping you off is the first thing that comes to mind. However, energy waste might come in many different shapes and forms. Some known and some not known as well. Window treatments, believe it or not can help cut energy costs of all things.

Cutting down your energy consumption is all about being intelligent with it. Smart appliances, temperature insulations, renewable energy usage are all parts of the same statement. However, we need to focus on window treatments that can help cut down energy costs. If you look on the bright side, saving on energy also keeps the planet greener. Everybody wins with this one actually. Read through to find out how exactly can your property save on energy with window treatment ideas:

Cover Your Windows Properly for Temperature Insulation

Windows lose a great percentage of your interior heat or cool depending on the season. This is where energy consuming heating or air conditioning systems have to work extra. This is also where energy wastes occur in domestic or commercial buildings. Window treatments can of course help in this.

Correct window coverage can provide great insulation properties. Whatever goes on your windows, needs to have the right insulating materials. Window coverage also needs to be done so that no inside maintained temperature escapes out at any time. Intelligent window treatment ideas provide just that.

Automated Blinds or Shutters Can Regulate Temperature Better

Then there is the option for automated windows blinds, shutters or even drapery. Custom roller window blinds work great in automated styles where they will operate according to time of day. Added functionality for temperature sensing can also be added when needed for these window coverings.

Window treatments that are automated also provide another added benefit of convenient operation. During bright times of the day in winter, they can be set to open up the windows for sunlight maximization. Also, all that heat coming in during winters will help. Opposite of this in summers helps.

Windows Are Constantly Letting in Outside Temperatures

According to statistics, some 40+ percentage of energy waste is attributed to windows. This is because they are not insulated properly or covered with the right materials. Often, small cracks or openings on windowpane sides or panels can cause energy loss as well. Outside temperature also creeps in.

Heat from the outside or winter cold can sneak in through windows. And, it does that very efficiently. You need to put the right stuff on your windows in order to block outside temperatures. Air sealed window glass and panels are the first things. Then, you also need to choose window treatments wisely.

What Types of Window Coverings Work Best for Energy Savings!

Different window treatment ideas work differently for energy savings for homes and commercial buildings. What goes on your windows is an important decision and will play a vital role in overall energy savings. You need to choose not only the materials but the window covering styles carefully as well.

Also, there are some particular window treatments that will work better than others. Depending on the materials used and their styling, your energy savings can vary. Options like wooden window blinds are always great. Here are some specificideas that do a great job of helping save maximum energy:

Quality Blinds:

Different styles of window blinds that fit close to the window glass are always great energy saving options. Windows blinds also come in many different shapes and forms. We really like venetian window blinds and Roman blinds for the purpose of temperature insulation.

Venetians in both wooden or metallic materials offer solid temperature insulation window coverings. Roman blinds that are made from thick fabrics are great for temperature insulation as well. These helps keep the inside regulated temperatures from escaping out and don’t let outside temperatures in.

Classic Drapery:

Drapery and curtains might be old, but they are not going anywhere. Quality curtains can help regulate interior temperatures very efficiently indeed. However, you will need curtains that are in thick fabric materials. Thicker their fabrics, more temperature insulation they can provide.

Some people also double up on drapery and curtains on windows. This styling not only looks unique and attractive but plays a vital role in energy efficiency. Also, you can provide two or more different color tones on your windows when looking to match with interior settings.


When it comes to temperature insulation alone, shutters are arguably the best options. Outside shutters and inside shutters are both available. Beautifully designed plantation shutters are some of the most unique. For the outside shutters, you can get wooden or waterproof materials as well.

Also, shutters come in all different colors, designs and styles. You can get them perfect suited for your interiors and also enjoy energy saving temperature insulation characteristics. Although, quality shutters are slightly more expensive than blinds and often drapery too.


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