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How to choose your engagement ring

How to choose your engagement ring

You are convinced; you have finally found your other half, your soul mate, the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life! As Valentine’s Day approaches, you want to formalize your love by asking your sweetheart to marry you.

Of course, it would be easy to offer him his wedding ring directly. But since you don’t want to offend the future bride or break the rules of decorum, you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry that will eventually convince your partner to say the big “Yes!” when you get down on one knee.

But how do you choose the perfect butterfly couples rings? Follow the leader.

Determine the budget that suits your savings

First and foremost, you need to set a budget. It serves as a first filter and delimits a search frame. Would you like to allocate to the purchase of the engagement ring a limited budget, a medium budget, or a high budget?

it is estimated that the ring should cost the equivalent of three months’ salary. In Europe, the average is lower, equivalent to around one month’s salary. However, there is no rule that you absolutely must follow except to choose one that meets your means.

Which stone to choose?

Many precious stones can adorn your engagement ring. They each have their own characteristics and depend on the budget but also on your tastes in terms of colors and visual renderings.

Diamonds are obviously traditional on an engagement ring but sapphires, rubies or emeralds represent possible alternatives.

Determine the style of the ring

First, you need to find a clever way to find out your loved one’s ring size without arousing suspicion.

To do this, all you have to do is steal a ring in her size (with the right finger!). If you can’t get your hands on it, it’s not inevitable, since it is often possible to adapt the size of the ring afterwards.

Beyond the size, it is important to pay attention to the proportions of the fingers . If the person for whom the ring is intended has short fingers, and therefore small hands, it would be a shame to choose a ring that is too large, which would weigh down and weigh down.

Did you manage to find an answer for the size of the ring to buy?

Congratulation! Now you need to pay particular attention to one element, and not least: what is your darling’s style? Explanations.

If your soul mate is not a fan of jewelry in general and more specifically of rings, which she/he never wears, avoid rings that are too imposing and eccentric.

Although they are very aesthetic they could be too embarrassing in everyday life. If, on the other hand, your dear and tender one has a penchant for showy jewelry, do not hesitate to choose a ring set with a beautiful solitaire or a ring whose ring body is set with several small precious stones or diamonds.

You can also choose a more or less shiny metal depending on the finish. The number of carats of gold chosen will also have an influence. For example, for yellow gold, the color will be more intense with 18 or 22ct, than 14 or 9ct or the yellow will be lighter/clearer.

Not convinced by any of the above solutions? Or do you feel unsure about your choice?

You still have the possibility of being able to buy a ring “gag” or linked to a common memory in order to make your marriage proposal. You then come afterwards to buy the ring in the company of your other half who can then make it as they wish.

However, this solution, although it is less risky, is more delicate since it has the disadvantage of a certain transparency of the price of the ring and it also risks making you exceed your budget more easily.

It’s hard to say no in such a context…

What if we broke the codes?

If originally the engagement ring was to be offered by the man and worn exclusively by the woman, we concede that this vision is completely obsolete. Because after all, this request is nothing more than a promise of love and commitment.

Today, nothing can stop the woman and her independence so why not reverse the roles and ask your partner in marriage?

Nothing prevents you from doing so. On the contrary! Generally the engagement ring for men is a little more sober, without stone. It is also possible to wear an engagement ring for couples, that is to say matching or even with a personalized engraving.

As noted above, engagement rings for men are commonly larger, more understated, and less flashy than those for women. That being said, it obviously remains subjective and adaptable according to the personality and tastes of each.

Match your engagement ring with the wedding band

In principle, the engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime and should be worn on the same finger as the wedding band. It’s not essential, but if this is how the rings are worn, it is imperative to choose a ring that can be associated with the alliance.


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