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How To Choose The Right Bed Linen For Your Home?

How To Choose The Right Bed Linen For Your Home?

It is very important not to underestimate the power of quality bed linen. It gives your bedroom an instant upgrade and helps you sleep better. The good stuff is worth the price. 

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, so we should ensure its quality. What should you consider when picking your linen, such as thread count, fabric, and how to care for it – which is the best option for you?

Many industries in the UK produce quality linen for bedding, for example, T & A Bed Linen Uk.

Know Your Yarn:

A sheet made of good quality yarn with a lower thread count will feel softer and stand up to washing better than one made of lower quality fibre with a higher thread count,

In general, look for a thread count of 200 or above, which should be clearly marked on the packaging. After every wash, cotton or linen yarns will feel better and last a lot longer.


Your sheet’s weave also affects how it feels and looks. Sateen (or satin) and percale are the two most common weaves.

Satin, as you might expect, has a smoother feel, along with a certain amount of sheen due to the raised yarn profile, meaning that the top layer of yarn weaves across several cross-layer yarns producing a satiny, reflective appearance. To ensure the construction is strong, the yarns used need to be of good quality.

Percale feels crisp and fresh and has a simple weaving construction that gives it a flat finish.


Cool, absorbent, and affordable, cotton is the ideal fabric. With its naturally breathable properties, ease of washing, and durability, it is a popular choice, especially among families and busy households. Egyptian cotton is probably the most luxurious cotton available today. It is usually more expensive, but its high quality makes it soft to touch, strong and durable.

It is important not to believe that all Egyptian cotton is of the highest quality. It is possible to find both excellent and terrible cotton in this region. The most important thing is that the cotton is good quality, not where it comes from.

What is the effective way to tell if the cotton is of good quality? In the end, you get what you pay for – that’s the old adage.

Mix it Up

Pick a polycotton mix, a blend of synthetic polyester and natural cotton, if you prefer fuss-free bedding. Easy-care polycotton should be considered by those with a busy schedule seeking bed linen that requires minimal maintenance. The fabric is easy to touch, dries quickly, and requires little ironing, so it is a great choice for families and children’s beds.

If you want to make sure that the bed linen you buy is of good quality, lok for a thread count of a minimum of 180. The option with the higher cotton quantity will give you a higher proportion of natural fibres compared to man-made ones.

Try Linen:

In warmer climates, linen is a great option. It is breathable and wicks moisture away from the body.

The ultimate ease-of-care option is to choose a linen product made from 100 per cent pure materials. Linen is at its best when it is wrinkled and tattered, and it will only improve with every wash. It is the easiest option, with no need for ironing.

Linen can have a starchy finish and feel rough to the touch, so opting for pre-washed linen will ensure softness. However, not all linens are pre-washed as it does cost more, resulting in a pricier product.

There are many different wash treatments, including stone wash and garment wash, which have similar properties. They will also have a different appearance, especially on dyed fabrics.


Silk bed linen is naturally hypoallergenic and versatile enough to provide warmth in winter and cooling in summer. Because it is a more delicate fabric than cotton and linens, it is less likely to irritate sensitive kinds of skin, so it is a good choice for those who suffer from acne. It won’t irritate or absorb any skin products.

The product can also prevent frizz and static, preventing the dreaded “bed head” look.

High maintenance is one of the downsides of silk bed linen. Because it’s delicate and needs extra care, especially during washing, it isn’t ideal for families or busy households.



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