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How to Arrange your Backyard for Your Dog

How to Arrange your Backyard for Your Dog

Physical exercise is important for your dog and you can provide it with proper ways to be active even without stepping outside your home and backyard. You should make sure that your dog feels comfortable in the yard and that it has things to be occupied with as without that, it might make some damage to your yard by digging, chewing things, or destroying some plants. Even though for some people it’s hard to believe, you can still have a beautifully landscaped yard and a happy, well-trained, and behaved dog. However, having a dog does mean that you should make some adjustments to your yard. For starters, you should make sure that your dog has water and shelter at all times. Also, you should choose plants for your garden carefully and consider putting up a fence. As dogs are playful and like to dig, you can’t prevent it, but you can create special spots where they can do just that. For extreme heat, you can think about adding some additional features for cooling off as well as building a playground for your pet, among other things. Take a look at the things you can do to make your yard more dog-friendly.

1.   Make sure that your dog has water and shelter

The same as for humans, water is also quintessential for dogs, so you should make sure that your dog has and knows where its freshwater is. This is especially important during hot months to prevent heat stroke from happening. This is the first improvement to your yard that you can make. Also, your dog needs some kind of shelter and shade, where it can hide when it’s raining, snowing or when the sun’s too harsh. Nevertheless, even if you provide your dog with all these things, you shouldn’t leave it unattended for a long time as they are social beings and like the company of their owners. Plus, they can develop some behavior disorders.

2.   Choose plants for your garden carefully

Some flowers and generally plants in our garden do make it look more appealing. However, when owning a dog, we should be mindful of the choice of greenery as well as flowers. Some plants are toxic for dogs and they can make them sick. So, you should search online for plants that are toxic so you can avoid them in your yard. Some of these include butterfly irises and daisies. On the other hand, plants such as African daisies and cornflowers are safe if your dog decides to chew on them. Of course, nobody likes their flowers and flowerbeds destroyed, so train your dog not to do it. But, even if it decides to do it, you can rest assured that it won’t get sick. Also, have in mind that dogs adore chewing on things, especially things such as garden hose, so make sure that you get a retractable one, which you can store away immediately after using it.

3.   Put up a fence

As dogs are naturally curious, they like exploring, not just in your yard, but also in your neighbor’s yard or even neighborhood. You should make sure that there is a physical fence that will prevent your dog from getting out, chasing squirrels, and possibly getting hurt. Take a look at different fence types, and opt for one that is suitable for your dog and yard. You need to make sure that it is in place as dogs can get out even when there’s a fence that has a faulty spot. Also, you should take your time to train your dog and teach it not to leave your yard unless given permission.

4.   Provide places where your dog can dig

It is common knowledge that dogs love digging, so as a good dog owner, you should provide them with places where they can dig. They usually like digging under the fence, around the flowerbeds, or generally in the dirt. There are some alternatives such as including a soft sand play area, which is sure to keep your dog busy and off the grass. Also, what you can do is hide treats and toys around the yard for your dog to find them. You can put them in some areas where they are allowed to dig to give them mental stimulation.

5.   Consider adding some other features for cooling off

During hot summer months, a bowl with fresh, cold water perhaps won’t suffice. You should consider some other ways for your dog to cool off, as they are bothered by heat as we are. As dogs enjoy playing in the water, you can add a small pool for them or a sprinkler, which will help them cool off quickly. Also, you can install an elevated bed in shade, which will be a perfect place for them to chill off hot pavement. It’s important to take special care of your pup during these hot days.

6.   Build a playground for your canine

If you’ve taken your dog to some dog parks, then you know about all the interesting things they have there and how excited your dog gets to play there. You can make something similar in your yard. You can find some slides and other equipment that will stimulate your dog physically. There are all kinds of agility kits, crawl tunnels, slides, benches, and obstacles that will surely make your dog happy. This kind of enriched backyard allows your dog to be itself and to run around, bark, dig and play in an environment that is safe and controlled, which is also important. Also, it is a great way to prevent your dog from becoming bored and thus causing damage to your yard.

Our dogs usually become important parts of our life and members of our family, and because of that, we want to do everything we can to make them safe, healthy and happy. They are our loyal friends, who start wagging their tails from joy when they see us coming home – a priceless feeling.


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