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How to achieve victory in sports marketing

How to achieve victory in sports marketing
NextVR and FOX Sports to Broadcast Bundesliga Opening Match Live in Virtual Reality (PRNewsFoto/NextVR)

Keys to sports marketing

We are immersed in a European Championship and a few weeks before the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games, two great events that once again put the impact of the world of sport on the table. An activity that is an important part of us, whether we practice it or if we are just amateurs. Its depth, like that of sports marketing, does not go unnoticed by clubs, brands, companies or the athletes themselves.

Sports marketing has wide and diverse actions,

of greater or lesser investment, and is enjoying a great moment thanks, among other things, to the possibilities offered by new technologies ( 5G , Virtual Reality, Simulated Reality) and channels (RRSS, audiovisual platforms).

However, among the challenges to overcome is the misgiving that still remains in some brands regarding factors such as entertainment and fun being overestimated in this type of marketing, and seeing the association of their name with a team, athlete or 해외축구 중계사이트 as only a cost, without falling into the benefit that it can bring?

This is, without a doubt, a big mistake. Sports marketing makes it easier for a company to reach a new target, retain existing users and/or increase sales or retain consumers.

The commercial objectives, therefore, can be as varied as they are broad:

Increase sales, number of subscriptions, followers, achieve more engagement with the audience.

Hobbyists, not customers

Sports marketing uses sport to help sell products and services provided by a company, brand or club, but to achieve its objectives it demands marketing adapted to the emotional factors mentioned above.

Get a base of fans and not customers. That is the big difference that can be established between sports marketing and what would be ‘traditional’ marketing. The emotions that sport brings are different, special, and unique.


Marketing of sports products or services

Sports marketing has several edges, such as the marketing of sports products or services, aimed at selling them through sports, and more specifically, through a specific athlete (influencer).




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