Since, every parent wants to believe in the methodology that they are working right for their children. Even they want their children to think that their every step is for the goodwill for their children, and they believe their children would appreciate that as well. Moreover, they are not giving such corrective attributes to up bring their children. Since imposing such corrective measures to your child’s ability will destroy their self-esteem. Moreover, many parents believe that they are improving their child’s confidence and everything that they are doing is right for them. But they forget they are only harming them instead. There is a famous quotation that the road to the hell paved with good intentions.

Now you might be a wonder that how you’re destroying your kid’s self-esteem, there might be several reasons behind that but the most highlighted one is the spy on your kids by telling him, moreover by monitoring kid’s phones in front of him. Since there is the prominent need to monitor kid phone but still you need to be a little smart in this accord, as there are a plethora of the child cell phone tracker, child cell phone monitoring app, teen Spyware app, and kid monitoring software. But here you need to be a little picky in the question- how to monitor a child’s cell phone? But before that it is the most highlighted need to check after all, what are those things that are destroying your child’s self-esteem.

Comparing your child with other child or with other siblings

Usually, parents think if they will extol the good characteristics and the need of the other kids on their errant child, they will improve him. Since those children who are often compared to their siblings or other kids then they often lose their individuality and other interpersonal skills. Such children believe that they are worthless. Hence, instead of comparing your child with other children there is the prominent need of developing self-esteem in him and show him that there is the proper need to create your own improved version and you have to minimize all of your negative thoughts. Along with that, there is the proper need of the building up a good strategy to employ on your children rather downloading his good needs and the requirements.

Criticize the child’s innate abilities, characteristics and the temperament

Since there is the number of parents who thinks that the abilities of their kids must be like them. These are the class of the parents who thinks that their offspring must be the carbon copies of them with respect to the goals, interests and characteristics. They thinks that if their children must be like them everything would the stress-free and in harmony. Parents must know about Steps for Good Digital Parenting. Most prominently if it is not like that it will be the sign of the shame on them and considered as the threat to the family.

Wanting the conformity

Many parents firmly believe in the mindless conformity and in blind. They think that it is safe to follow the opinions of the minorities and it prevail the essence of the security and the belonging. In this way, they strongly opposed and discouraged their child’s individuality and non-conformity. Even it could be the pathetic condition for their child’s to left alone and be ostracized.


Continuous happing of mistakes

This is the undeniable fact that making mistakes is part of the child’s learning and the growth process. Moreover, childhood is the when you can explore and can be reached on the different personas to reach on the cleavages of the life that is demanding most. But there are some parents who consider their child’s mistakes as the mortal’s sins. They associate the unrealistic expectations with their offspring that they could be blemish-free as much as they can. In front of them making mistakes= ineptitud+utter stupidity and perfectionist = success.

Teaching your child’s, the subject of impossibility

This is other most pathetic thing related to the parent’s thinking they think that it is impossible for the child to reach their aspirations, goals, and their dreams. Many parents consider this impossible that their child will accomplish all the goals. Moreover, they consider that their child’s dream is lofty and unrealistic. They want to gear their children in the more realistic aspirations and the careers that one which is secure and the workable and most of them are rare and the different. Hence, in this regards, they should encourage their children most. Often these kids end up on winding up the safe and the ordinary career hence they finish the creativity in them and after that, they regret a lot.

All, in all, if you want to make your child secure then there are the ample of the apps to spy on kids and child cell phone tracker that must assist you in this regard a lot.


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