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How often should you wash Your Car? Car Care Inquiries

How often should you wash Your Car? Car Care Inquiries
 Therefore, it’s natural for you to desire to pamper your vehicle after you bring it home. But can you harm it by taking care of it too often?

 These are typical and valid concerns. The main question is: how often you should clean your automobile?

Many car owners think about this issue, so you can rest at ease knowing that you’re not the only one. This is why we’ve written this informative article that not only provides an in-depth explanation, but additional important maintenance and care information you must be aware of as a car owner.

In simple terms the simplest terms, you should be sure to hand car wash each two weeks. However, there are a variety of elements that may influence this schedule, such as but not only:

  • How often do you use your vehicle?
  • What you do with your vehicle
  • How do you clean your car?

Questions were answered: How are you?

As previously mentioned, the typical answer is two weeks.

How often do you use your car

It is generally suggested that cars be washed each two weeks. However, many other elements may affect this recommended interval. For instance, the frequency you utilize your vehicle as well as the time and place you drive it could result in more or less frequent cleaning.

If you drive your vehicle every day for long periods of time, for example, driving long distances to work, it’s recommended to stick to the wash schedule of two weeks.

But, if you’re taking it out every day to do errands quickly on roads with no dirt or mud, it is not necessary to be washing your car for too long however, putting off the cleaning sessions so that you don’t harm the Is it Safe to Wash a Car Engine, mechanics, and the paint of your car. Typically, every three or four weeks is enough. The most common rule is that the longer you keep the car out and about it is the greater frequency your maintenance schedule should be.

But this doesn’t mean you are not required to clean your car even if it’s sitting in a garage. It is important to clean your car prior to putting it in mid-term or long-term storage, as well as before you bring it out to use. Washing is an essential aspect of maintaining and cleaning your car , even when it’s just being stored inside your garage.

Where do you want to use your vehicle

Another important take into consideration is the location you will use your vehicle. The filthy roads that are laden with grime and grease mean that your car will be more susceptible to getting lots of unpleasant deposits that could lower the quality of your car.

So, if you are aware that you travel on dirty roads frequently, make plans so that you can clean your vehicle more often or, if you’re certain that you don’t have a lot of time, make sure that you spread out your cleaning efforts slightly.

If you are frequently traveling on salt roads, it’s important to make it an effort to eliminate of salt deposits that have accumulated on your car. If you let salt accumulate on your vehicle for long enough, it will ruin the structure and weaken the structure of your car.

For more details about the effects of road salts on cars take a look at this video posted on Youtube from WWLP-22News.

Sandy landscapes might require more frequent cleaning as the sand and sediment that are left unattended could become an abrasion risk. Sand stains that are hardened are also difficult to eliminate. It is necessary to purchase special equipmentlike scrapers and cleaners. You might also need hire a professional cleaning service that are expensive.

When you take a trip with your vehicle

Apart from your frequency, setting and speed it’s important to also consider the moment in time when you’re driving your car. This is due to weather patternsthat can impact how dirty your vehicle is.

In winter months, salt accumulations tend to be more prevalent. Your vehicle could be covered in filthy snow, or water can accumulate within the undercarriage. Rust can be a serious issue as the winter season approaches Naturally, it’s better to clean your vehicle more frequently in these conditions.

However during summer hot summer months, direct sunlight and intense heat can create stains that look like bugs and bird droppings to the surface of the car. This can also cause damage to your car’s paint by discoloring it paint and leading to the paint to fade.

With the two seasons there are a few limitations.

In winter, if temperatures drop to low then you shouldn’t clean your vehicle. The ideal temperature is 0 ° Celsius which is 32° Fahrenheit. This is due to the fact that the water used for washing your car can freeze, which can cause jams on hinges, handles and locks. Then you’ll have spend money to repair them.

In summer, washing in extreme sunlight can cause rapid evaporation. This dry up the water used , and causes streaks of ugly and dingy spots. In the end, you’ll need to put more time and effort in the provision of special spot treatments.

How do you use your car

The way you drive is another element to be considered when deciding how often your car needs to be cleaned. While we may not wish to admit it there are people who treat their cars with care and those who don’t.

 If you’re a prudent person, you could be keen to avoid dirt roads, potholes dusty dirt, salt scraps dirty puddles, etc. Therefore, there are a few particles and dirt that must be cleared from your car by washing it.

But, if you’re reckless and fail to keep clear of dust, dirt grease or grit the car is likely to be battered and will require “baths” more frequently.

How do you wash your car

Another thing important to consider is how you clean your vehicle. The method you choose and the frequency of your cleaning, more or less is suggested. The options are:

Self-Service Car Washes

Self-service auto washes are an inexpensive way to maintain your car’s cleanliness. In general, you’ll pay just $2-$5 for washing. However, your vehicle will remain clean for a lengthy time. This method of car care is perfect for those who want to exercise control over their cleaning routine but don’t have the space or the equipment to accomplish this.

However, because the customer is not able to choose the  soap or solution that comes from the spray wand while washing their vehicle, it’s not recommended to often wash your car in auto bays that are self-serve. The best car wash soap used could be poor-quality and contain harsh chemicals that cause damage more than they do good.

So, it is recommended to use self-service car washes every 4 to 5 weeks.

Automatic Touchless Car Washes

Similar to the method above This method of washing vehicles is easy and affordable.

However, you’re not the sole owner of any cleaning equipment. It is impossible to know what substances the service has put on the table, is it?

A majority of these companies use cheap cleaners that have aggressive formulas and chemical compounds that can harm your vehicle. Therefore, using these every now and then is fine. However, washing your car in using this method often isn’t recommended at all.

Lavado automático de autos de tacto suave

The process of cleaning your car is thorough. However, you are not able to choose the amount of pressure water or control the cleanliness of the scrubbers you use.

The high pressure of water can harm the car’s exterior and strip away its wax-like protective layer, and dirty scrubbers can lead to scratches and abrasions, leaving ugly cuts and scratches.

So, it’s not recommended to clean your car regularly by using auto car wash with soft touch.

Although it is quite long-lasting and will require an effort, the benefits surpass the cons. When compared to other methods of washing your car using manual washes are fine to clean your vehicle more frequently.


You have come to the end of this article about how often you should clean your vehicle. Now, you are sure of your schedule for car washing.

Therefore, if there are any other suggestions or hacks on this subject, please share them with us via the comment section.


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