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How Many Days Does It Take To Make A Label And Packaging Change

How Many Days Does It Take To Make A Label And Packaging Change

For a normal person changes on a personal level can be a big deal, so what kind of situations will be there that will force a brand to change their precious packaging and labeling? For a brand packaging is their identity, they are identified by that. Why will they risk changing that? You will learn that in this blog.

Companies spend a lot of money to create their brand image and every product they create represents them. There can be variations in packaging for each product but still, you can relate them to that particular brand. When it comes to a situation where they have to instantly make changes in their packaging and labeling, it is a stressful situation. Especially in case, there are some errors in the perfectly designed packaging and labeling due to any reason. These errors are so small that can be easily eliminated by a simple online proofing system but the impact they cause can damage brand reputation and financial status. 

How Long Does It Take To Design Product Packaging?


Changing packaging can be a tricky process as it requires so much effort, time, and discussion to create it in the first place, and starting from zero again is not an easy process.  Most of the time companies already prepare some alternative options that can be used in emergencies but in case none of them can be used the team has to get back to the starting point of the race. 

Packaging design requires a lot of effort and requires a lot of research to start with. The changing time duration can vary from project to project as it depends on the complication and challenges of the project. But on average this process will take 2-4 weeks. Sometimes this process can even take months. 

How Long Does It Take To Design A Label?

Changing a label can be a little easier than the packaging as it doesn’t need to be that creative, it’s only responsibility is to provide important information to the user. The important points that need to be mentioned for the label are almost the same for products, usually, it only needs basic changes. 

The main cause for such changes is due to changes in regulations or mislabeling while printing. This can take a few days to 2 weeks to redesign the label of the product. 

What Are The Reasons That Brands Consider Packaging And Labeling Changes?

No brand will prefer to change its packaging and labeling without any big reason behind it. The reasons can be both positive and negative depending on the situation. There are mainly three reasons for which brands will change their packaging and labeling. These are: –

Shifting Regulations

Most of the time the changes are needed, it doesn’t matter whether the brand it or not. There is certain regulation that is imposed on the manufacturers related to their product and the packaging and labeling has to be updated according to those regulations. You must be thinking why follow the regulation if the brand doesn’t like that? This is because it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to design and sell products according to the need and satisfaction of the customers. 

As the customer will be using those products they should be well informed about the product like its usage, its side effects, how to use it, and much more. This gets more serious in the case of the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors. Food packaging must include information like its nutritional value, calories, expiry dates, allergens, and much more. And if one day a new regulation was imposed that the font size used for labeling should be increased then the brands have to follow it as it is for the convenience of customers. 

Going Green

zero waste packaging

These days opting for environment-friendly packaging is not just about thinking about the environment, it’s like a trend where brands are trying to attract more customers. Also, most eco-friendly packaging is cheaper and more elegant than the normal ones. Companies are trying more creative ways to present a positive image because people prefer brands that match their goals. 

If we talk about the cosmetic industry, most products are tested and tried on animals first which is cruel so consumers who are animal lovers prefer something which is not experimenting on poor animals for their benefit. Between the years 2015 to 2021, there is more than a 6% growth rate in using environment friendly packaging which is a big change. More and more brands are following the trend to show their contribution towards the environment and towards their consumers. 

Trying Something Unconventional

How Brand Packaging Differs Around the World

Whenever you go to the market to buy one product you will see so many varieties for that particular thing from different brands. Each of them has special characteristics which give consumers more options to choose from. But this also creates tough competition for brands as to be noticed and preferred by customers they have to be unique and provide services to them. 

This is why sometimes brands have to do something different for packaging just to get the attention of customers. As the saying goes “more people buy products just because they like it not because they need it”. The changes can vary according to the age, gender of consumers. 

For example, children will prefer products that have shimmering packaging or are full of vibrant colors. At the same time, men prefer more simple and bold colors, and they can vary. So to fulfill the needs and expectations of consumers sometimes a brand can make big changes that can be different from their brand image. 

Packaging also varies from country to country as people have different preferences and to target and make them special brands like Coca Cola provides special packaging. 

Wrapping It Up!

You might have never noticed changes in your favorite brands’ packaging and even if you did we are sure that you never knew the real reasons behind them. A brand gives a lot of thought and makes efforts to keep their loyal customers satisfied with their services. 


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