Home Exclusive How does Attendance Tracking help in Payroll Calculation?

How does Attendance Tracking help in Payroll Calculation?

How does Attendance Tracking help in Payroll Calculation?
Payroll Calculation

Employees not coming to office timely, completing work hours, or getting absent frequently is a matter of concern for many organizations. Out of all of these, if we were to choose one, we would say absenteeism is the greatest pain area of an organization. It is what costs more than just money. This raises, even more, when you observe lost productivity, labor costs, and morale. Keeping a tab on the timings and leaves, absences demand a lot of attention when you are thinking to track this all manually. This is why it is necessary to introduce automation in your business. Otherwise, traditional methods will eventually make you lose a lot of time, productivity and the employees can even refrain from accepting their absences. A modern and robust attendance management software can help you with extensively. This would also help you in feeding the right data to your payroll management software. Let us now look at some of the prudent factors to put the attendance and payroll management system in order. Let us begin.

Automatic Shift Management
Your organization can manage and create shifts of the employees easily. In fact, some software come with the functionality of getting even the shift roster automated. There are multiple departments, employee grades, multiple office locations, etc. This can improve the morale of the employees and increase transparency and visibility easily. Within the software, the employee can also request to swap the shift or change the timings for a week or so, if he wants to.

Keep track of working hours
The work hours are another thing that needs proper attention in the time sheet. You can assign the time sheet to every employee. They would be required to fill their timings in it. This means that employees are more accountable now, they would be required to clearly mention how much time they have dedicated where. This also allows you to know the progress of each project. This will also gift them greater freedom to apply for leaves and work from home. The payroll management software can also get the right data from here to calculate salary.

Flexibility to work from home
It is very important to understand as to why absenteeism is growing so much. Till the time you will not understand what is making them not come to the office, you won’t be able to come up with a solution. For instance, they may be taking leaves because they have to look after their baby at home whose school has an off on your workday. In situations like these, you can allow work from home and they can mark work from home while you can track the work they are doing using the software. Using the app, they can log in from anywhere and payroll software will also not mark the person absent for the day.

Seamless integrations with biometric
Payroll software requires robust attendance management software to get the right inputs in the first place. When there is an attendance module.


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