Home Technology How Does an Interactive LED Floor Screen Increase Customer Traffic?

How Does an Interactive LED Floor Screen Increase Customer Traffic?

How Does an Interactive LED Floor Screen Increase Customer Traffic?

As the name implies, an interactive floor LED displays is a floor LED display. This type of LED display includes a highly interactive entertainment feature, allowing users to interact with it. And based on the moves, various videos will appear on the screen.

When you think about it, you may realize that you have come across such wonderful LED products again: can it happen when you walk into a mall and the LED display on the floor under your feet has just a “welcome sign” or an image? Or you saw a great show on TV and with the movement of the singer singing beautifully, the floor of the stage changed to potential to see various images that you can bring at the moment.

Sounds great, right? As LED floor screens are slowly evolving and integrating into our society, the market is also exploring. More and more companies and enterprises have developed the demand for such visualization to expand the possibilities of benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that you fully understand the LED floor display to explore more possibilities for yourself.

  1. What is an LED floor screen?

As we said in the first, you may just know that a floor LED display is a floor LED display. In general, there are two types of LED floor screens: radar LED floor screen and interactive LED floor screen with gravity sensor.

1) Radar LED floor screen

This type is easy to use and understand, you can use it easily after simple training. There is usually a general LED control system, radar and data system manufactured by a hardware manufacturer to support the operation.

2) Floor LED display with gravity sensors

Based on the original LED floor display, install a number of gravity sensors and place them evenly on each LED display unit. It has greater sensitivity and more flexible interactive entertainment.

3) What are the differences?

The most intuitive difference between the two products lies in the sensitivity and effectiveness of data feedback.

The floor of interactive floor LED displays makes it easier to have blind spots and feedback delay. This phenomenon will be more serious when there is a lot of traffic, while the gravity-sensitive interactive floor LED displays screen has more efficient data feedback and, thanks to the sensors that are evenly distributed in each unit, makes no sense at all. Thanks to the number of gravity sensors, the movements can be accurately recorded with real-time feedback.

Another point is the cost. The cost of an interactive floor LED displays radar system can be relatively lower and can be used in some places where no more interaction is required, such as a reception area and a small bar. However, LED floor screens have a more complex manufacturing process, system and functions that are more efficient, so they can have a higher initial cost. You can choose them according to your special needs. If you do not know how to decide, asking the sales team can be a good alternative.

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