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How Do VSI Students Get the Best CA Result in India?

How Do VSI Students Get the Best CA Result in India?

CA exams are one of India’s toughest exams and need precise guidance and smart work for success. To crack the CA exam, one must have the ability to complete the CA course in the given time, with proper revision and solve sample papers. To get the best CA result, VSI helps its students in completing the course on time, guides them throughout the preparation, and conducts frequent mock test series. 

VSI Jaipur has been leading the CA results for more than a decade. In the last 10 years, VSI has secured AIR 1 seven times. The CA Result 2021 pass percentage of VSI students is again proof of the level of this institute. The best CA results by VSI students are the collective effort of the hard work and the experienced facilities and guidance provided by the VSI’s Founder, CA RC Sharma Sir. Before knowing how VSI students are scoring high marks, let us first discuss what are the problems faced by the students in the CA course preparation. 

VSI Jaipur got 7 times AIR 1 in the last 10 years

What are the Problems preventing Students to Achieve the Best CA Results?

Not Able to Complete the Course on Time 

This major problem is faced by almost all students preparing for CA courses. Since the students do not follow a particular timetable or fail to make proper course divisions, they fail to complete the entire syllabus on time. This also results in a lack of appropriate revisions, and hence students face low marks in the results.

Unwanted Burden of Study Materials

The CA candidates generally search for the best study materials, and in that search, they make the burden of several study materials for all the subjects. Yes, study materials play a crucial role in getting a good CA exam result, but due to the burden of overloaded study material, the student fails to prepare properly. Also, the explanation from several sources often makes the students confused on a particular topic.

Lack of Practice and Revisions

The candidates of CA courses often fail to practice enough questions and revise the syllabus. Lack of practice also leads them to secure less marks in exams. This can be caused due to several reasons such as inability to complete syllabus in the given time, lack of resources and guidance.

Lack of Sources to Approach the Solutions and Doubts

In this digital age, if the students face any doubts or problems with any topics or questions, they generally google it or search on youtube. The first problem here is that it cannot be known which explanation is accurate and authentic. The other demerit is that students might get confused with the different explanations for the same questions.

Fail to Manage Time during Exam

Lack of practice and question-solving can lead to improper time management in the exams. This can also occur when you have never appeared for the mock test before the exam.

What role Does VSI Jaipur Play in Students Success?

If you also face the problems mentioned above, then check out how VSI Jaipur helps its students. Let us see how VSI Jaipur plays a vital role in securing the best CA result,

How VSI Helps in getting good CA result

VSI Faculty Completes the course Before Time 

VSI aims at completing the syllabus for each course on time so that students get enough time for revisions. For this purpose, the classes are conducted in an exam-oriented manner and no time is wasted in the classes. Moreover, the classes are conducted by experienced faculty who clear all the topics and queries of students. 

Proper Study Modules 

The students having the burden of study materials need not worry anymore about study materials. VSI provides the best study notes set by the experienced faculty at VSI with reference to the ICAI modules and syllabus. These study enough are enough for the preparation and secure a high CA Exam result. It also has easy and understandable language for understanding all students.

Frequent Mock Test Series

Mock Test Series is very crucial in getting the best CA result. Therefore, VSI conducts frequent mock tests for the students of CA Foundation, Intermediate and Final level. VSI makes sure that all the students have practised enough questions and are totally ready to face the actual exam. The mock test of VSI is widely popular for its high quality and are made by experts. This also makes students familiar with the question pattern asked in the exam.

VSI conducts Regular Doubt Solving Sessions

VSI students do not have to run before the numerous sources or platforms to solve their doubts. Through the frequent doubt-solving sessions, students can solve their doubts with the concerned faculty members.

Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance is an essential factor in achieving a good CA result and an integral feature of VSI Jaipur. At VSI, each student is given customized guidance based on their performance in the mock test. After the in-depth evaluation, teachers determine the student’s weak and strong topics and guide them to prepare accordingly.

Should You Really Join VSI Jaipur?

The straight answer to this question is a big “YES.” At VSI Jaipur, you will get the solutions to all the problems you face, and have greater chances of securing high marks in the exams. With VSI, the chances of passing the CA Exams increase tremendously. Let us quickly see the past results of VSI Jaipur.

When it comes to CA Intermediate results, VSI Jaipur has 5 times AIR 1 in the past few years. In the CA Inter result 2021, its student, Girish Aswani, secured AIR 1 and 7 other students got All India ranks under 50. Recently, in the CA Final result of July 2021, Garima Kothari AIR 8 in the exams. Moreover, to give you some insights into the CA Final result July 2021 pass percentage, 81 out of 100 students cleared the exams.


Hence, you now know how VSI students are achieving such high CA results in CA Inter, Foundation and Final. You can discuss your problems with the teachers and get proper solutions and guidance here. VSI guides and provides personalized guidance to each student that helps them crack exams strategically. Also, these features and facilities are the reason behind the high pass percentage in CA results of VSI. Thus, to secure good marks and the best preparation tips, join VSI Jaipur now.


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