Home Lifestyle How college hostel lifestyle matter with savage roommate?

How college hostel lifestyle matter with savage roommate?

How college hostel lifestyle matter with savage roommate?

Everyone has come across the hostel and share the room with other people. Even though they are living in the same room as roommates most people won’t share many things with other people. Even both are friendly manner with and lead a friendship bond between two people but when you have a savage roommate. Some roommates have some health issues where they don’t share certain things like a fridge, water bottle other consuming things on it. For these types of people, many situations with more funny and crazy things will happen in it. Every time the missing things from the fridge will funny war between those two people in different aspects on it.

College hostel lifestyle

Alright is YouTube channels come with a different way of funny content to make their subscriber happy enough. The YouTube channel comes with the latest where the concept makes the audience to things about social welfare with indeed message content to think about it. The Alright Squad brings more motivational and social awareness concepts to make the audience and need to know how to be the responsible person for society. Every time their content become a viral video on the internet and social media where many people started to talk about it.

Now the YouTube channel narrator ambrish Verma and Badri Chavan both come up with the idea to deal with the savage roommate’s concept about the not sharing fridge and other things on it together. Both players are the cast about what kinds of crazy and funny stuff will happen during the fridge sharing perspective functionality on it. The roommate concept went on viral videos in 2020 and it also becomes a trending video. The YouTube channel gives more trending videos in 2020 and becomes a trend set on the internet and social media. Many college roommates and best friends get more funny and crazy stuff with more done on every college day. Read More : Onionplay

Theflitercopy is another YouTube channel that also provides a more useful sort of video content to satisfy their audience. With millions of subscriber and viewers gives more like and comments whenever the video is uploaded on their youtube channel. The dice media also make many videos on their channel with several actions, thriller and comedy videos concept are most like on it. The guy roommates are fighting food on the fridge where they see hygienic on it. The Hasley India channel also speaks about the friendship bond on their YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel narrator Ambrish Verma wrong number in the channel with exclusive on the channel with brilliant on it. The BFF on life gives more memories about the college lifestyle with different situations on it. Also, the Badri Chavan comedy gets hits and many people like the video concept with more useful and message able contents are used over on it. The Badri content gets high viral videos on every social media platform with more likes and comments on every video with high views crossing on it. The YouTube channel gets high frequent subscribers every day.


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