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Home Décor Tips for a Home Gym in Your Basement

Home Décor Tips for a Home Gym in Your Basement

If you’re thinking about adding a home gym in your basement, it’s important that you consider not only functionality, but also form. Making sure that your home gym looks good is just as important as making sure it works well. If you’re considering turning your basement into a home gym, here are a few decoration concepts that you might want to utilize for your home gym.

1. Covered Floors

In their default state, most basements just have a concrete floor. While the concrete floor can look good for certain home gyms, it’s not well-protected, which can be a problem if you accidentally drop a heavy weight directly on the floor. Adding a cover, even if it’s as simple as snap-together wood flooring, can dramatically help with this problem.

2. Warmed Floors

The concrete floor can also be a problem if you’re doing something that requires bare feet on the floor, like yoga or Pilates. Concrete tends to retain cold or heat, which means that it’s likely to be cold if the area around it is cold. A floor warming system can make it much more comfortable to step on the basement floor of your home gym.

3. Media Options Like TV Projectors

Media can be a great way to become more engaged with your exercises. For example, if you have a projector or a set of speakers in your home gym, you can use that projector or set of speakers to play music, TV shows, and movies to engage with while you’re working out. Even adding an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker to your home gym makes it possible for you to listen to music more easily as you work out.

4. Exposed Ceilings

An exposed ceiling can be a great element of an industrial look in general. Many people opt for an exposed ceiling in the basement because it fits their aesthetic, but the exposed ceiling can also give you a few extra inches of height to the basement, something that you might need in an especially low basement. It can also make the basement look much more open, which is great for a home gym.

5. Great Lighting

Lighting is always going to be something you’re likely to struggle with in a basement gym. That’s because getting a great amount of light down into the basement isn’t necessarily easy. If you want to get the brightest light into your basement, windows probably aren’t going to be your best option. Instead, consider investing into some natural-light options that can make your basement look well-lit without looking artificial or clinical.


As you can see, there are many ways to get a home gym in your basement that looks great overall. Sure, you could just put an elliptical machine in the basement and be done with it, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy your time in your basement home gym? With these home décor tips and tricks, you can really make sure that your home gym looks amazing and functions well.


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