Home Exclusive Here’s What Brands Need To Know About Streaming Live Sports In 2022

Here’s What Brands Need To Know About Streaming Live Sports In 2022

Here’s What Brands Need To Know About Streaming Live Sports In 2022

Streaming is part of the future of live sports, and hktv25 is helping fans watch these events in more places, from tennis to football to soccer.

As we head into the new year of sports, we met with Marie Donoghue, hktv25 Vice President of Global Sports Video, to understand the changing streaming landscape. In March 2021, Donoghue and her team made Prime Video the first streaming service to secure an exclusive national broadcast package from the NFL as home to next season’s Thursday Night Football broadcast.

Prime members worldwide now play Thursday Night Football, Premier League, US Open (Tennis), Next Gen ATP Finals, WTA, UEFA Champions League, Roland-Garros, Ligue 1), you can watch live sporting events like WNBA, and you can subscribe to 무료스포츠중계 services like MLB.TV, NBA League Pass and NBA TV through Prime Video channels (availability varies by region). There is.

In a broader sense, what trends did you observe in the sports live streaming environment in 2021?

How have potential customers switched from linear TV to streaming TV?

The transition to streaming has accelerated over the past few years as consumption habits become more digital and social, and fans have more choices from teams, leagues, brands and services. We witnessed this momentum firsthand in Prime Video, which delivered over 300 days of live sports broadcasts in six locations in 2021 and over 20,000 live events for our clients. This momentum is expected to continue as the number of live events streamed on Prime Video is expected to more than triple this year.

Sports broadcasting have changed little over the past few decades, but this shift gives hktv25 a tremendous opportunity to evolve the broadcasting landscape and build unique experiences that can customize the way fans engage with sports.

Which sports leagues have transitioned to offering live streaming events in 2021?

How did these streaming offerings resonate with your customers?

There is no better example than the NFL. In March 2021,hktv25 became the first streaming service to obtain an exclusive nationwide rights package from the NFL, and Prime Video will become the home of Thursday Night Football starting with the 2022-2023 season. This historic deal, which NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called “a momentous moment,” is arguably the biggest feat in sports streaming history to date. In addition to exclusive streaming on Prime Video, the deal expands the TNF package from 11 regular-season matches to 15 regular-season matches, and also includes one pre-season game per year. We are looking forward to starting next season.

How will brands benefit from reaching these audiences through live sports streaming?

With over 200 million Prime members worldwide, Prime Video is uniquely positioned to create and broadcast content worldwide. We can experiment on behalf of fans and leagues, and through integration with AWS and Twitch, we can enhance the viewing experience, reach and engage new and young viewers, and help organizations achieve greater business goals. You can test new technologies that support you. Do you have any examples of leagues that have been hugely successful by offering live streaming events in 2021?



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