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Heading to a Bitcoin ATM? – You Need a Wallet


Bitcoin ATMs have made crypto transactions extremely simple and easy. Gone are the days when online exchanges were the only platforms available for trading in crypto. Brick and mortar ATMs have brought in that much-needed stability to block-chain transactions!  If you are wondering how to buy Bitcoin using an ATM, there are some pre-requisites for carrying out these transactions. One of the first things you need to have is a Bitcoin wallet.


What is a Bitcoin Wallet?


Before you begin spending on crypto, you will need to have a wallet for storing this form of currency. It is quite like a physical wallet for storing your money. The only difference here is that this wallet will store encrypted keys and not actual currency.  You can access your money using these keys. There are two types of wallets available for transactions. 


Hot Wallets: Online wallets that run on the internet are called hot wallets. They can be accessed through any device via the internet. They are very easy to operate and allow for fast transactions. However, the flipside of hot wallets is that they are vulnerable to attacks. So, avoiding them for high-value transactions involving significant amounts of bitcoins is advisable for safety. They need strong passwords for adequate protection. You should also use safe settings on your browser and a double-factor authentication process for accessing these wallets in complete privacy. 


Cold Wallets: These are offline wallets. They are not connected to the internet and they cannot be stored in a physical location or on any device. They could even be something like a simple piece of paper on which encrypted keys are printed. They could also be as complex as USB devices. Cold wallets are safe from hackers and are preferred for storing large reserves of crypto. They can be placed in lockers and safe deposit boxes, and accessed by you alone. On the other hand, accessing them when the need arises may be difficult. Retrieval may be difficult if you lose it or forget it. So cold wallets should be used to store bitcoins that you are not likely to spend or trade, anytime soon. Also, keep the paper in a location where you can easily access it. 


What Else do you Need Before seeking a Bitcoin ATM near me?


Apart from having a wallet, there are a few requirements to fulfill before you can trade bitcoins for cash and vice versa at a Bitcoin ATM in Oklahoma.  They are:


  1. Know how one such ATM works. There are plenty of tutorials available online. You can simply go through them for basic understanding. 
  2. Visit a real machine and perform a dummy transaction before dealing in real money. 
  3. Carry your KYC documentation with you. Most ATMs these days will need KYC documentation before allowing transactions. 
  4. Every ATM transaction will be chargeable. Make sure you know how much is being charged before you deal here.
  5. Mark an ATM close in your area for close access.
  6. Keep in mind that the transactions might need some time to process. 


ATMs spell convenience when it comes to dealing in crypto.  Enjoy the benefits with an informed approach. 


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