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He represents the European Footballer of the Year

He represents the European Footballer of the Year

Real Madrid coach Ramon Calderon said the up-and-coming Italian would replace Ronaldinho as the best player in Europe if he won the Golden Ball. This surprised many and blindsided many. Not because of Cinnabar’s selection, but because of his World Cup performance, but not before the winner is announced on 27 May. Obviously, this means one of two things. The first is that the award-winning French soccer newspaper has a wrinkle on the pitch, not following the senator’s tradition of trying to promote safety. Calderon Madridistas and Personal Satisfaction Magazine. advertisement.

If Calderon wanted to make history, he would be a happy man. The Italian journalist quickly stated, “Cinnabars, that’s true.” (Gazettal delis 스포츠중계) and: “Money or Blondie” (Prophet Salad). The Italian media was upbeat, but the story seemed over. Change the purpose of this section from cover to cover, depending on the type of people around you. So this prestigious trophy has yet to be challenged by Convert Chase Italia captain Fangs Schism, so we’ll move on to our first objective.

The French soccer magazine published the Balloon d’Or in.

Europe is recovering from the devastation of World War II when football grew the most a decade ago. The first European Cup (now the UEFA Champions League) took place that year and black Stanley Matthews was named the first European player. In subsequent years, the winning team from Madrid won the prize, first author Alfredo Di Stefano winning it twice. The aim of the award is to show that football has become a unifying factor for people from different countries. It is important to note that it has been 10 years of war on many continents. The awards are presented by key fans of French football, but are based on the opinions of journalists across Europe.

Prizes will be divided equally among football matches.

Juventus have won eight European club titles in recent years (more if you can’t keep up with the heat of football). Calciopoli), AC Milan (Pit), Barcelona. (6), Real Madrid (5), Bayern Munich (5). The award ceremony takes place every November (for example, a few months before Luis Fig and Ronal do, leave for Madrid). The only major changes since the title’s inception are its disappearance from Europe and the country in 1995, and its contract being limited to clubs under UEFA jurisdiction (a irony in Liberia. V.).

This clearly shows that such an award is starting where it started last year.

Brazil’s Ronaldinho, who won the award last year, has established himself as the best player in the world (he always takes pride of place in the top pages of the World Player of the Year awards). Barcelona players are disappointed this year because the standard is too high. He won the Champions League and a medal, but was younger than the Brazilian team in the World Cup (and was selected from the previous tournament) (often considered a title highlight) …) In the workshop they took . 6 gates. Kaka was the only teammate to remain in Germany, and unfortunately spent his season at AC Milan as a leading player in international football. Look for future rewards.

As you can see, winners are often dominated by good competitors. Take, for example, Ronaldson’s Ballon d’Or in 2002. After the last two seasons with Inter National in Italy, El Indriagocha (as fans call him) moved to the Far East to help Brazil finish fifth. This impressive title gained 8 points along the way, erasing several titles lost in the 1998 event.


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