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Guide to Surviving your Final Exams

Guide to Surviving your Final Exams

At some point, someone’s going to tell you to relax if you’re worried about your final exams. That’s such a ludicrous thing to say. Your future is riding on these exams. Don’t worry though; the following guide will help you survive them.

Know the Schedule

One thing to do to survive your final exams is to know your schedule. Make it a point to look at your finals schedule before it starts. This might not seem too important, but it helps with organization and could help ease some of the anxiety you’re experiencing. Feeling like you are in control of things can help. Double-check your exam schedule to make sure you aren’t missing something.

Narrow Down Your Studying

The next thing to do is fight the urge to study everything. Yes, the final exams you’re taking are vital for your future, but you can’t spread yourself too thin. If you’re taking your MCAT exam, then you want to not only look for good MCAT studying tips but make sure you narrow down your sources as much as possible. It’s hard to study when you feel overwhelmed.

Make a Study Plan

You can’t soak in information easily. You have to make a schedule and create a good study plan. For example, you can ensure that you give yourself enough time to study the subject you feel you’ll struggle with the most. It may also be wise to follow the 30-minute and 10-minute rules. This means you’ll study for 30 minutes and give yourself a 10-minute break. You’ll combat fatigue this way.

Fight Those Distractions

Fight the usual distractions. You want to keep your mind as clear as possible. You may think you can stay in control, but with so much pressure, distractions are going to seem more enticing. Silence your phone or put it away. Download all your resources, and turn off the internet so that you don’t browse the internet for anything else. Study where you know you won’t be distracted.

Change Things Up a Bit

It may be a good idea to change things up a bit. A lot of people need a change of scenery to study. After studying a while, it’s hard for the brain to stay engaged. If you start feeling like you’re having this issue, it might be time to go to the lobby of your dorm or maybe a different library. You’ll be surprised what this could do for you.

Eat Well for the Exams

Coffee is a popular drink for test-takers. Some turn to energy drinks thinking these will give them all the energy they need to survive the final exams. This isn’t the case. These stimulants can hurt you now and in the future. They help momentarily, but the energy is short-lived. You want consistent energy, and that means high protein foods with healthy fats. You’ll want meat, cheese, eggs, and other similar foods. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, and stick to water. You may also want to include raw juice drinks that are packed with nutrients.

Make Sleep a Priority

Thinking about sleep at a time like this seems crazy. Your mind is racing. You want to get through these tests, and sleep just gets in the way. While it may feel that way, sleep is your friend. Not only does a good night’s sleep help you commit what you’re studying to memory, but it also helps you focus on the next day and gives you the energy you’ll need to survive your finals.

Choose Good Study Groups

Be sure to find a good study group. Many minds thinking about the same stuff can help you in various ways. Ideas you haven’t considered will pop up, and you may deepen your understanding of something. Don’t be afraid to leave a study group that isn’t taking things seriously or isn’t helping you with the material. It may be awkward to leave, but doing well on your finals is vital.

These are some tips that should help you survive your finals. Stick to these, and you’ll make it to the other side in one piece.


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